Seeking business notebook recommendation - client gift

I would like to buy a client of mine a nice set of notebooks. It'd be cool I could also purchase a storage case of some kind.

Currently using
She's currently using a Staples/rolla and it's not working for her because she takes so many notes and it's hard for her to keep an organized history of them. Plus she's kind of rough on the book and the corners of the cover keep popping off. The pages come out too. It's kind of a mess & doesn't seem to suit her well.

She said she's planning to change to a hardbound notebook system so that she can take chronological notes & then store the notebooks by dates. From what she said, I'm picturing a perfect-bound, hard cover notebook so that one could write dates on the spine.

I think it'd make a nice gift to get her a set of 3 notebooks plus a nice shelf storage case of some kind and a good pen. ...but then again I am a paper geek.



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How extravagant do you want to be?

My initial suggestion is to go to an upmarket stationers or papierie and try to find a matching storage case and journals.

However, if you prefer to hunt online you could just buy a lot of moleskine journals. Or if you prefer something a little different and not quite so pricey Exacompta make some nice looking journals.
Exacompta at pendemonium

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Good in quantity

These people are amazing: I do believe there's nothing they can't do with blank bound books.
Now, you might need to order five or six, but if you're giving away three as business gifts you can probably use the others yourself...unless you're a circa junkie.

They don't have slipcases, but I find that to be a good thing. Slipcases drive me nuts.

Best of luck.

Log Books

This company has been making these log books for years now. It seems they can create any type of book you can imagine. Check them out at

Thanks, Robert Aldimont


I believe its "Black n Red" that makes lovely hard bound journals... I've drooled over them at Office Depot/Max many times before... Dating the dark colored hard cover would require a labeler or a silver sharpie. You could probably find a lovely set of those "magazine" storage boxes...

Keep us updated on what you pick out...:)

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I guess I would recommend Moleskine books. They are hardcover and you can purchase the small of large. There is the nice pocket in the back and the wraparound cord-thingy (can't remember what it is called). I love Moleskine and the paper is glorious to write on! Again, you can use a Silver marker or labeler to label the spines, or some people label on the paper side of the notebook and store it paper side out... Magazine holders work well for storage of the larger books!

There is my 2 cents,
nay nay :)

For left-handers? Moleskine?

I wonder if Moleskine works for left-handed fountain pen writers. Does anyone know? Does it lay flat enough to write with the hump in the middle to get to the right side of the paper?

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Smyth Sewn

Does it lay flat enough to write with the hump in the middle to get to the right side of the paper?

Moleskines are Smyth sewn, which means they always lay flat - no hump whatsoever. Very nice.

I wonder if Moleskine works for left-handed fountain pen writers.

The compatibility of fountain pen ink and Moleskine is the subject of countless threads on a score of fora. There is enough diversity of opinion and experience that I'd say it basically boils down to 'ya gotta try it for yourself'. My experience? Fine and extrafine nibs with pretty much any ink don't feather and have mininmal bleed through, but don't dry super fast. Broader nibs tend to feather.

If you're a lefty who drags your hand, it might not be ideal. But YMMV.


Thank you!

I will definitely check out these suggestions & let you all know what I get. Thank you very much for the ideas.


Edit: Well, I am ashamed to admit that the only Moleskines I had seen in person were all the Japanese book style and I thought that ALL of them were that way. Silly me. I think I'll probably go the (normal) Moleskine route. 3 large books, a silver pen for cover dating & a nice writing pen.

Separately, I love the bicycle journal at pendamonium. The client is in the bicycle industry and I will probably buy at least one of those (if available) for some other folks in the business. How cool that they're made from recycled bikes.

Thanks again!