A different kind of planner... needs a cover

I am trying to locate some appropriate material to use for the covers on my planners, and am having a difficult time. Perhaps some of you might be able to steer me in the right direction.

The kind of material that I would like to use I usually find as the cover of DayMinder planners. I used to use the DayMinder Executive Weekly Academic Planner, with Page Size 6 7/8" x 8 3/4". My taste in planner inside format has changed, but the physical dimensions and binding I still think are ideal. The cover material that they use for the DayMinder seems to be fibrous rather than vinyl or other synthetic, judging from the way it wears. The outside surface is smooth and textured, a leather like finish. I'm not sure cardboard is quite the right term for it, but I don't know what to call it.

If anyone knows what this is called, or where it can be obtained, or has suggestions on appropriate Google search terms, I'd welcome hearing from you. I have tried "cover stock" as a search term, and it seems to be heading in the right direction, but still pulls up way too many wrong hits to be useful.

The physical dimensions of the cover material are 9" x 15". This also makes it difficult to find. When I have come across some material that looked suitable, it was available in 8 1/2 x 11. I really do not want to go with separate front and back covers. I find that this cover, which folds around continuous from front to back helps a lot in keeping the binding from snagging on things. Plus, it gives more of a book-like appearance, which I favor.

I've also posted a little information about my planner in another forum, if anyone is interested.

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I checked the At-A-Glance website

and they don't say what the cover material is made of. Could you just recycle a cover from last year's planner?

Would that I could

I don't use DayMinders any more, obviously. It is hit or miss whether I run across someone who uses them. For a while a friend would give me his old DayMinder when he was through with them, but he's moved to New York, and besides.. that only supplies me once a year... I need 3 to 4 per year.

Thanks for checking, though.

At-A-Glance, Dayminder, Mead, Cambridge... covers

Although they do not say on the one website, it seems a common enough material that we should be able to discover a source(s). I also want to duplicate this cover threaded on wire-o bind.

Report covers


Try searching on 'report covers'. You'll find some plastic, but also some textured coated papers, which I think might be more like what you're looking for. If the stuff you're talking about is thick and rigid, I think that's fiberboard. If it's thin, then it's probably some kind of coated paper or cardstock.

You can pick up plain undecorated fiberboard at scrapbooking and craft stores. You might have to come up with your own way to attach it to your binder. It will come in 12x12 size. You could cut down two pieces (or three if you need a 'spine' piece), join them with a flexible material (Gaffer's tape springs to mind, since it's strong, sticky, and flexible), then cover the whole in a decorative paper or fabric of your choice.

There might also be covers that are intended for glue-binding systems. I seem to recall seeing a website that had that sort of thing a couple of months back. Hey, link-wranglers, do you have any leads on glue-binding supplies? :)


Eh, found it.

Here's a site that has covers used for 'hard bound' books. You have to figure out how to fasten the paper into it if you don't use the thermal glue system they're made for.



report covers, scrapbooking

Thank you. That's a good idea, "report covers."

The scrapbooking idea is great, too. There are some craft stores in town, and we know someone who has a side business of scrapbooking. (Who'd'a thunk? Make a living selling scrapbook material at home parties, like Tupperware?)