my cat likes Circa Smurfs?

This is really strange... We've got a weird cat. She likes chewing on plastic. Her favorites are plastic bags from Aldi's (grocery store) and Microcenter (computer store). They are thicker than normal plastic grocery store bags. For this reason I keep my Circa notebooks up out of her reach.

In the last two or three weeks, I've noticed something strange. The little mushroom shape bits (often called "Smurfs") leftover when you punch something with a Circa hole punch are showing up in her litter box. It is only 3 or 4 of them, and they aren't stuck in anything nasty, so I don't think she's eating them. I haven't picked any of them up because I really don't want to touch anything in kitty litter, but it looks like all the pieces in question are leftover from when I Circa-punched those plastic store discount cards.

The thing I can't for the life of me figure out is how they got there! The only place these things would be are in my hole punch or in the trash. Maybe some fell on the floor and she is playing with them? Does anyone else have a pet that likes to play with Circa Smurfs or am I the only one with a cat this weird?


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Mind Games

Warning: Cats play mind game on their humans. I suspect your cat has been reading this forum over your shoulder and came up with a way to get all of us in her mental claws. My guess is that she is planting smurfs in the little box as an ongoing cat-type plot.

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Brushing teeth


My male cat brushes his teeth on plastic of all kinds as well as curtains. He looks like he's gnawing it to bits, but there's never any damage. I can only assume he's scraping his teeth off on them.

At a guess, your cat is getting them stuck on her fur from static electricity. Why they would magically leap off in the litter box is an interesting question, but perhaps the box itself (also plastic, I assume) is attracting them or grounding the cat so they no longer stick, or something.

I would not think a cat would 'grab' a smurf and carefully deposit it in the litter box when finished. They're either being eaten (and the corners are sharp so there might be discomfort there..) or they're stuck on the outside somehow.



I have three felines who are just the cutest! anyways... My Toby will hold paper in his paws and shred it into tiny little pieces just to get back at me for going out :). I'm guessing it is a case of "stuck" and "unstuck"... is your cat long or medium haired? My Oliver is a himmy and he gets the strangest things stuck in his fur... even smurfs.

Some kitties will groom themselves in their cat pans... its an odd ritual but I have seen it before...

or there is always the 'plot' theory :)

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long-haired cat plots

Our cat is long haired. We got her from a no-kill animal shelter, so we're not totally sure what breed she is. From everything we've found online we think she is a Turkish Angora. They are small, squeaky, smart, and silly and have large poofy tails.

While the smurfs may have got stuck to her - this cat is too smart for her own good and is probably plotting to take over the world. One time we told her to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock - and she did! Sadly, she is too small to put enough pressure on the button to make it work.



I also have super intelligent kitties... I love when people say cats make lousy pets because they are stubborn and not trainable. My kitties play fetch, come when I call and respond to a variety of commands...

I would guess that the static is the cause of the mystery smurfs... either that or you should start complimenting your lil plotter once a day to ensure a "friendly" transition into her world order :P

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Fetch? I wish.

My cats are smart, but I think they're too proud to fetch. One of mine is a simple beast who wants nothing more than a warm lap and a good meal. the other one, though... I'm pretty sure she's planning to take over the world. That, or demolish it with her claws, one cardboard box at a time...

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I had a black cat who had

I had a black cat who had all my friends convinced she was plotting to kill them and then take over the world. I think she was just trying to get rid of the competition so she got all my attention. I now have a dog who is smart enough to figure out that me putting on a sweater means i'm going for a walk with out him but refuses to learn the difference between "sit" and "lay down."

Save the dodo!

Cats are smarter than me

I think cats are the only creatures out there to have figured out just how truely stupid humans are. You got to admire that.

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.

Cats have never forgotten this.

My 4 sure have not :P
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)



my toby crawled inside my fleece pullover when i had my last cold. i was resting on the couch and he crawled down the neck hole and turned around, snuggling under my chin with both paws around my neck like a hug...

nothing beats "purring kitty" therapy. :)

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