v1: Two Pages per Week (deprecated)

This application has been replaced by Dynamic Templates v2.x: The Next Generation. Please use the link to the left

This is the next installment of the Digital Templates, a series of cross platform applications that should ease the load on the folks who make calendar templates. This program generates two-page weekly templates based upon the settings you choose (dates, margins, and so forth), and uses the basic D*I*Y Planner look and feel.

I made a promise (you know who you are!) to do this two-page week layout next, and here it is.

This is multi-platform software. Below are download links for pre-built, static, binary applications for both Windows and Mac OS X as well as the source code. Through the Nordic Magic of the Qt Libraries, both of these applications were built from the same source code. This source can be built on any platform supported for Qt 4.3

Here's a shot of the Mac version:

And here's the Windows version:

Basic instructions:

  • Be sure you have the font "Blue Highway" installed as it is hard coded into the application
  • Use the "Page Setup" button to set paper size and margins
    Use the calendar widget and the First/Last Week selectors to set your page range. The selectors are Qt widgets that take a little getting used to. You can "click" anywhere on the calendar, but you will always end up with a "first-day-of-the-week" selected. Same with the selector widgets.
  • Set your line width to look good on the display.
  • The "Print" button will send the page through your printer drivers.
  • The "Save PDF" button will create a PDF file.
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: Two simple changes -- the addition of translation files, and the addition of a locale string in parentheses in the title bar. The string in the title bar lets you know what your system is looking for. The translation file name is "DIY_Two_Page_Week_LOCALE.qm" For the translations to work, the string in the title bar has to match the LOCALE part of the translations file and the translation file needs to be located in the same directory as the application. A slight renaming of the translation file may be necessary as the locale consists of both a language and a country indicator.

License granted to me (Dan White) by Douglas Johnston to duplicate the D*I*Y Planner forms look and feel under the Creative Commons NC-ND License. The source code is declared under GNU GPL.

That's part of the Nordic Magic. It should be multi-lingual. Please let me know if you have any language related difficulties

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