"Terrible Twos" Greatest Hits: Innowen's Picks

A lot can be said about DIYPlanner.com. When I applied for the position of Creativity Writer, I had no idea where this job would go. I had no idea how long I'd be able to write articles for one single site. And yet, here I am... still churning out ideas and coming up with weekly inspirations for you all to feed upon. I'm amazed that after two years I'm still able to write and provide all sorts of new ideas to share and inspire you. Two years is a long time. Our little team and this site has seen large amounts of growth over the years. When I first started, I wrote off a list of ideas that I generated with Doug and in brainstorming systems. Once an idea was finished, I ticked them off my list. Even after all this time, I feel I've barely scratched the surface. My list, as well as my hPDA still has ideas for me to work on and with.

Of course, you have also been sources of inspiration for what I write about. There are times when I plot out what I'll be writing about, only to be derailed by conversations with members or threads found buried in our forums. The feedback I receive on my articles and your discussions and ideas in the forums also suggest new ideas and areas to write about. It's fun to see how you all interpret the ideas and mutate them into something wonderfully original. I love reading about everyone's triumphs and insights into what you all use and do to keep yourself motivated and organized.

As Doug and Sard have done before me, here's my choices for my five best or most memorable articles over the past two years.

  • Mindmapping series The power of mind mapping in taking notes has always intrigued me. I wrote this series to give a taste of what mind mapping is and what it can do for you in terms of every day use.
  • Bookbinding series Personally, I think my love for making books was what attracted Doug to hire me in the first place. This series takes a complete beginner through the terminology and steps to make two different books. Bookbinding is a fun and easy way to make your own journals that are perfect for writing thoughts in them.
  • DIY Portfolios Inspired by a thread in our forums about how one creates portfolios, this post was intended to be a short response embedded in that thread. However, after the third paragraph, I decided that the topic should be given it's own spotlight and I turned it into a fully fledged how-to article. So I expanded the post. Not only did I write about what things I used to make my portfolio but I also wrote about picking pieces and writing intro paragraphs. Just enough information to impress any interview. I personally think this is one of the best pieces I've written in my time.
  • How I Work series The most recent article series I've written. This one tries to distill in a few articles all the tools and processes that I currently use to get things done. I felt that it was important to show you all what things I use and do to get things done. What I didn't expect was how long and involved this series was going to be. These articles capture the essence of what this site is all about: using paper (and electronic tools) in a personalized way to get things done.
  • Journalling Prompts The funny thing about this piece is that I recall not feeling well the day I wrote it. However, Doug, the loving boss he is, encouraged me to write something, anything. And this piece was what I came up with. Not only did I decide I liked it, but apparently a few other sites did too and it was syndicated. For me, this article proves that even on your worst day, it's best to keep the pen (or keys) writing. Of course, almost a year later, it inspired me to write a "companion piece".

And there you have it, the five articles that I feel were worth recalling or posting on a "greatest hits". Here's to DIY Planner and all the wonderful ideas we come up with for the next year! Huzzah and thanks for reading.

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