So the Canadian dollar is now on par with the US dollar, so guess what I just did?

On top of that, I had a Levenger rebate code for 20%. So, even with the exhorbitant shipping costs, it was still a deal. Ink cartridges, a True Writer FP in fine (of course), a Leather Rope (finally) and a page finder for my DH.

I'm a happy historian.

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I knew just from the subject line alone that Levenger would be involved, even before I opened the thread.

We are all serious junkies. Darn you, Levenger, for making such cool products!

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Inquiring minds want to know

Which fountain pen and which color? When I saw their pink I _had_ to have it even though it only comes in medium. I perfer fine point. In fact, my latest is an "ultra extra fine" Platinum I got from ebay. I'm still trying to find the right ink for it. I just got four samples of ink from the Pear Tree Pen Company. I'll probably wind up loving the most expense one.

Now if only I could get the 20% off coupon and I could spend even more money (aka "helping the us economy").

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True Writer

True Blue, in fine point. I am already giidy at the thought. As for the rebate code, it was SAVE297, but I do not know if it's the same code for everyone who got an email code this week. But you did not hear it from me.

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True Writer

Very nice pens. I got a Periwinkle one on sale a few months ago.

I wish they had Extra Fine nibs available.

I am a notebook junkie.

Good going!

Oooh---what a cool day for you!

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