unexpected source of Moleskines for a good price

Today my wife and I were out shopping and went to an outlet mall around here. It is the Jeffersonville Prime Outlets about 40 minutes drive down 71 South of Columbus. They have a Borders Outlet store down there and my wife picked up a pocket sketchbook for $2.99. I believe all the pocket size books are $2.99 and "large" size are either $4.99 or $5.99 I think. They don't have a huge selection but they have blank, ruled and grid notebooks/sketchbooks and also the regular weekly planner in both sizes and also the large daily planner. I think the also had blank & ruled report notebooks. If they had weekly + notes I'd have picked one up, I'm sure.


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Are you willing...

to buy in quantity and ship ?

Just kidding.

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Is it a clearance or sale? :)

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Sara, I asked about that and some of them are on sale. They have a package of three that you can get with brown or black covers. I really am not sure what I bought exactly but will report when I get them. They also had regularly priced ones.

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sounds like Cahiers

So that was a sale price after all. Maybe I should've picked up a couple for myself :-)

Pack of three? Sounds like the Moleskine Cahier notebooks. That's the only ones I know Moleskine sells in packs of three. The covers are a bit thinner on the Cahier and it is the same great paper, just less of it. They are less bulky than the regular notebooks.


Close to my Dad's

Kenny, you make me homesick. That mall is just a few miles from my Dad's farm. We shop there all the time when I am home. I did not know there was a Border's outlet there! Wow! Good find...thanks!

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Borders outlet

I went to that outlet mall with my wife and in-laws a couple years ago and don't remember the Borders outlet being there. I'm sure it is fairly new.

To answer Sara's question: as far as I could tell, this is the regular price for Moleskine notebooks at the outlet.


Just bought some Moleskine from the outlet mall

Kenny, I just called the outlet mall and they sold me some Moleskine. My parents eat at the Bob Evans' across the street every Sunday after church and I would ask them to pick them up for me but the postage was only $4.00 So, the notebooks will be shipped out tomorrow.

Thanks for the tip.....the outlet's phone number is 740.948.2408 and the clerk was so helpful!

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