Blame Caligatia

I have moderate carpal tunnel. I also do a goodly amount of writing and needed a notebook that fit in "The Nigh Perfect Bag". (Mythwear Commuter -- has 2 discontinued versions of it for $12.) The $1 notebooks I'd picked up weren't cutting it -- I couldn't rearrange the paper, and as I got to the bottom of the page, I had to bend my wrist the worst possible way for me to bend it (durn carpal tunnel).

Enter Caligatia and her mention of Levenger's Circa system. (She's such an enabler.)

Cue a SNAFU with the Levenger site and then some *excellent* customer service from "Captain Levenger" (and seriously, Ryan, you *so* need to make a CL Halloween costume) and I had a Junior Circa notebook (and a hPDA) in my hands.

With one small quibble**, Circa has been exactly what I needed.

In fact, I just went back and ordered a punch and some more starter kits ... as gifts for friends.

So, hello, and I'll be poking my nose in from time to time.

**The standard Levenger paper is fantastic for ball points, Sakura Gelly Rollers (when they want to write -- Sakura has some quality control problems), and my trusty Zebra Sarasa .07 pens. However it's not quite as good for my medium nib Sheaffer FP, the line's a bit feathery. (I'll be doing another post about paper questions in a moment.)

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retro 1951 roller ball pens.

Hello and welcome (although i am fairly new here as well).

I too have been attacked by the circa bug.

I saw that you mentioned problems with pens. I use the retro 1951 roller ball pens. I LOVE them they range in price from 18.50 to 22.50 and up. They are very weighty (which i like) and are very well made.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.


welcome to the addiction :)

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I'm so happy that Circa's working out for you. And I don't mind being an enabler. It's fun, actually, to get people addicted to my addictions... :)

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could be worse

There are worse things to be blamed for . . .
(like spammin the board with halloween costumes arghh)

I am a notebook junkie.

Talk Like A Pirate Day was last Wednesday, matey

Arrrrrr !
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