Pimp me some Paper

The paper in my Circa notebook is really nice to write on, except with my M nib FPs. I'm not having problems with snagging, just that the line is more fat and feathery than I'd like and I have to de-lint the nibs every few pages or so.

I just ordered a Circa punch from Levenger and I have a nice sharp guillotine at work.

So, pimp me some paper.

1) Has to play nice with FPs. (I don't do F nibs, only M.)
2) Has to be strong enough to circa.
3) CANNOT be HP. (In 1998 after they tried to charge me $70 for a W98 driver for a 6 month old Scanjet 5c scanner, I vowed never to buy another HP product.)


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I'm pretty picky about both

I'm pretty picky about both the paper for my planners as well as the pens I write with. I bought a ream of 28 lb (or was it 32? can't remember) paper from Staples. Heavy, smooth, plays nice with the printer AND takes ink well. I think you're probably safe with anything similar, in 28lbs and up. I circa-punch mine, and it holds up well. You can probably get a sample sheet to play with from the copy center there (Staples or Office Depot/Max) to see how your particular pen writes on it.

I live close to an Office

I live close to an Office Depot and an Office Max -- I'll have to go in when the copy center is slow and see about getting some sample sheets and how well they work. Thanks for the heads up.

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Okay, no HP.

I know I suggested the HP 24# paper to you, but pretty much any 24# laser paper will do. 28# is nice, too, and thicker. I like my 24# paper, though.

I need to see if my local Office Depot copy center will let me try samples. Brilliant idea...

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The best paper I've found so

The best paper I've found so far is the Staples brand Heavyweight Printing Paper. It's a nice and bright 28lb paper that's smooth enough to write on with a fountain pen, but well suited to pencil as well. It punches easily, but can be removed and reinserted without the tabs fraying or breaking off.

I went through more expensive papers from Via, Strathmore, Neenah, et al, but finally settled on this Staples stuff. It's really great to write on.

I have some of that...

I bought it on sale and have not yet tried it.

I'll report back.
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Mill Worker's - suggestion

I suggest what you could try and look for is a smooth 100Gsm paper, the smoother the better. A "Hardsized" paper is a paper with a low adsorbance so should work well really well with fountain pens. However you just try asking someone in Staples for a "Hardsized" paper and they will look at you a bit funny.

Not sure what brands you have can get but in the UK the paper I cut down for my own use is 100g "Presentation" it's the best grade of paper we make at the mill. We also make a very similar grade that gets used by a small company for Chart recorder paper so it's very smooth and low bleed. It's called " Rey - Text and Graphics".

Staples 28lb

I second, or third, the reco for Staples 28lb heavyweight paper for Circa punching.