Circa Quandry

I am contemplating taking the Circa plunge. But there are so many things to decide on! Currently I am considering the foldover cover versus the jacket. How did you decide which to go with?



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I don't have either yet but

I don't have either yet but I would get the jacket because of the space to hold other things.
Save the dodo!

neither to begin with?

Why not get a plain cover first to begin with and see if the circa system is for you, then buy a more expensive cover later? The non-leather notebooks are of the foldover style to begin with, so you can see if it is important to you that the covers fold back on themselves.

As for storage, the foldover covers have pockets in the back, while the jacket has pockets inside the front cover. I don't think there is much to differentiate the two with respect to room to store other things.

I have neither of these by the way. I'm currently awaiting delivery of my first notebook with the clear covers however to see how I like the system.

fold over

I went with the fold over, for...well, I think the name explains it. One of the main advantages to Circa, in my opinion, is that you essentially have a binder that you can fold over and write on. If you use the jacket, you're really using a regular binder-type process.

I'd guess (never seen one in person) that the jacket would provide a bit more protection, so that would be one pro.

Ironically enough, I have a leather letter size foldover, and I'm currently using just the stock plastic covers that you get when you order a basic circa notebook from Levenger. I find the leather covers to be too think and they don't fold as smoothly as the plastic. They are must more rigid, which is the main selling point to them.

regular notebook in a binder

I've been using a regular Circa notebook in a zipper binder, Junior size. Sadly the zipper binder isn't Levenger, it's one a cheap Dayrunner binder that I bought for $15 off of Ebay a few months back.


I have both the regular and

I have both the regular and leather foldover in junior size. The leather foldover covers are thicker, whereas the regular covers are okay for a little bit of abuse now and then. I'm back to using the regular covers.

i have both and i use the

i have both and i use the fold over ones much, much more.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.


I have the Jr office, which is a honkin' big zipped binder. but I cheat. I have three notebooks in there, and none of them are inserted into the back. I pull out the one I want, and it's a fold-over! ;-) And If and when I need, I can pull out the notebook I need, close the folio, and lay the folded-over notebook on top, and write. It's thicker, but with my longish fingers, that's not a bad thing. It's another POV to consider. :-)


I agree with mivok, check

I agree with mivok, check out the plastic cover first to see if it's for you.

You can pick up a starter set for $10 (less for other sizes) that includes the cover, rings, dividers, and sampling of inserts. Then you can try it out and make sure it works in your system.

If you live near a Levenger store, you can go in and they might even make you a sample to try for free. That's how I got hooked, and now I actually keep several of the starter kits on hand just to give away to people that ask about what I'm using. I really don't know why I do that, but I've got about ten people that I've introduced to the system. The starters are also really easy to convert to top-bound steno style pads if you have the punch and a little time.

Now, I'm so into it that I've created my own templates, bought the punch, and this weekend picked up the Bomber zipper jacket and some index card inserts. My fiancée must think I'm crazy. But her dad's using a circa now to, soo ...

Thanks for Your Feedback Everybody

Thanks for your feedback everybody. I wish I lived near a Levenger store, but maybe it's better that I don't! It's bad enough that I have so many pen/stationery stores in my area to tempt me. I'll have to get a starter set and try it out. Maybe the one with all the sizes. What size did you find worked best for you?

personal preference

Hi Sharon,

The size will be a personal preference. It depends what you'll be using it for. How you'll carry the notebook. Lots of factors.
I mostly use Junior and Compact. But I use a Letter size for my Music at Church. I also have and still use a discontinued size, 4 x 6.

Maybe the starter pack with all three sizes is a good choice.

I am a notebook junkie.

Quarter Letter and Classic


Personally, I love my quarter-letter calendar. Chop a letter size piece of paper into quarters and you have it. It's my calendar, contact list, and password hint size. For notes on a particular subject that get saved, though, I like classic size (half letter). I take all my misprints, chop them in half, and bind them up with Rolla discs for note paper. I also Rolla bind my active file folders so the notes stay put when I file them. That works best with plastic folders rather than paper.

I make my own covers from plastic I had around from other projects, matte board, and fiberboard swiped from legal pads and other sources.



my first purchase was the leather agenda cover with junior notebook. i got it in a discounted color or something and got like half off. but truth be told i wished i had not. i would have gotten the starter in all three sizes.

still the size most useful is not included in the sample pack... hipster pda. LOVE IT.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.