v1: DIY Notes - One Page at a Time (deprecated)

This application has been replaced by Dynamic Templates v2.x: The Next Generation. Please use the link to the left

This is the yet another installment of the Digital Dynamic Templates, a series of cross platform applications that should ease the load on the folks who make templates. This program generates all the different "Notes" pages (like in this template collection) using the basic D*I*Y Planner look and feel.

  • Plain Lined
  • Plain Lined with a Grey Column
  • Grey Lined with a Grey Column
  • Cornell Notes (plain)
  • Cornell Notes with Grid and Lines
  • Grid
  • Dots

When I previewed these to Doug, he said:

Heh, soon you're going to give me no reason to update the DiyP at all.
Of course, that might make me very happy. ;-)

You betcha ! This will allow folks like Doug to move on to other tasks and eliminate the drudgery of producing multiple versions of the templates for all the different paper sizes.

This is multi-platform software. Below are download links for pre-built, static, binary applications for both Windows and Mac OS X as well as the source code. Through the Nordic Magic of the Qt Libraries, both of these applications were built from the same source code. This source can be built on any platform supported for Qt 4.3

Here's a shot of the Mac version:

And here's the Windows version:

Basic instructions:

  • Be sure you have the font "Blue Highway" installed as it is hard coded into the application
  • Use the "Page Setup" button to set paper size
  • Use the Margin controls to set your margins
  • Set your line width to look good on the display.
  • Set the page title and the title alignment (left, centered, right)
  • The "Print" button will send the page through your printer drivers.
  • The "Save PDF" button will create a PDF file.
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: Two simple changes -- the addition of translation files, and the addition of a locale string in parentheses in the title bar. The string in the title bar lets you know what your system is looking for. The translation file name is "DIY_Notes_LOCALE.qm" For the translations to work, the string in the title bar has to match the LOCALE part of the translations file and the translation file needs to be located in the same directory as the application. A slight renaming of the translation file may be necessary as the locale consists of both a language and a country indicator.

License granted to me (Dan White) by Douglas Johnston to duplicate the D*I*Y Planner forms look and feel under the Creative Commons NC-ND License. The source code is declared under GNU GPL.

That's part of the Nordic Magic. It should be multi-lingual. Please let me know if you have any language related difficulties

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Very nice

That's a great looking tool. I just installed it and have been playing with it.

I have some comments/requests if there's going to be another version. Would it be possible to use a colour other than black? I print my pages on a colour laser printer and use light blue, green, or red lines. It's also helpful to colourcode the pages that way.

The custom title is nice, but a tag line in a small font at the bottom would be good, even just for a name in case somebody finds the notebook.

I'd like to see more cornell options (particularly line and line or grid and grid).

I don't mean for this to sound critical. As is, the program is an impressive job. It's just my suggestions.

Anything is possible...

Color --
Everything is currently black and shades of grey.
It would not be tough to add a color picker to make everything shades of a color other than black, but EVERYTHING would be shades of one color.

How'zat ?

Another possibility that I am planning involves SVG output. You could then open the resulting SVG file and customize the colors yourself.

Tag line --
Not tough, worth considering.

Cornell --
Again, not tough, worth considering.

I have set myself a goal to try and have a new version by year's end.

We shall see.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

PDFs and colour

If you save the forms as PDFs you can print the whole form in any single colour you wish. There was a post discussing colour printing where I explained it (can't find it at the moment).

Essentially, you go into Adobe's menus and find the default colour and change it to whatever colour you want. Then all PDFs print in that colour, until you change the default.

EDIT - found it! It's here: http://www.diyplanner.com/node/5987#comment-321254