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I have tried to search through the various templates to find something like Levenger's Bookagraphy lists to record books I have read and books I want to read, with room for thoughts, follow up notes, etc. Has anybody made something like this? I find L's list perhaps a little too detailed... Does anyone have any thoughts about how to sort these lists? Once the book has been read, should there be space for comments about the book and should the page then move to a "having read" section. Should there be one page per book, or should there be a page with a list of books? It would be interesting to find out what others do and think.

;) kat-in-norway

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Try here

This link is to an older thread concerning a similar desire :)


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But a template?

Thanks Sara! I loved reading the thread - but I'm wondering if anyone has made a template (preferably Classic or A5) suitable for recording books to be read, have read, thought and notes.



What about using something like page 63 and 64 of the classic sized core set? LINK

I find those pages to be very versatile and use them for a variety of things - including my ongoing job hunt :)

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