Starting Weight Watchers Today

Today at 3:30 I am going to WW to be done with this extra baggage I keep toting around. I can't wait to use the templates I found at this web site, plus anything they hand out. These homemade templates here are going to be very helpful and fun to use.

I did WW almost 20 years ago, but only had 20-30 pounds to lose. Now it is much more and the time has come to grow up and live better. My goal is 65 pounds in 1 year, a slow and steady loss.

Thank you for all of the wonderful ways of tracking and planning. I think these tools will be a real asset to my new healthy way of life.


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Me too!

I just signed up with WW online last night. My goal is to lose about 100 pounds, which I expect will take about a year or so. One thing that will help this time (versus the last time I did WW) is that I'm now walking about a mile every day (from home to the BART station and back), and about 3 miles on alternate Fridays (from home to the local office and back). The only hitch is that I can only weigh myself on those alternate Fridays, using the scale outside the fitness center at the office, since I don't have a scale at home.

Now to go look up the templates that I've been ignoring up till now.

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