refill ink hack - apply heat? .. its news to me.


Maybe others knew of this but I did not.

Well, today I used a roller ball pen I havent used in a few weeks and the ink was not flowing correctly. After trying different things I removed the refill and placed the refill directly on the hot power adapter of my laptop. I let it rest there for about 10-15 seconds. When I picked it up it was slightly warm. I placed it in the pen and what do you know? The ink flowed like fresh water.

i would not leave the refill on anything warm longer than a few seconds. but it is really cool that it works so well and so fast. I will NEVER again throw out a refill without trying this trick.

like I said it is news to me but others may have known about it for years.

Has anyone tried this?

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I know I havent heard of this... I wonder if it would work for pens that don't have refills... hmmm... off to charge something :D

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Also try wipes

Yes, I've known and done something like this - only using a match held to the tip of the pen/refill. The match trick is known by a lot of people, and, in fact, there was a whole thread on this on a few months ago, but for some reason I cannot find it. Originally, I used the match thing on ball points back in pre-gel pen days.

I posted another solution here before in that thread. I found that using those kitchen/bathroom wipes often works on skipping or non-working gel pens. My container says they are Chlorox Disinfencting Wipes - but there are many equivalent brands - note - do not use baby wipes - they contain oils which could hurt the pen. This is not a 100% solution that works all the time - but if you're about to throw something away, why not try it. (The heat solution doesn't always work either, and if you apply heat for too long...) I speculate that a common failure for gel pens is dirt and crud clogging the point, hence a rational reason why this might work.