My name is Al and I'm in the UK.

I have been working towards a move from digital to analogue and have developed a couple of very basic templates, in Word, for 3x5 index cards and have printed these out to see if they work - nothing fancy just lined cards, a graph paper style card and a lined card divided into date and details columns.

Then I discovered the Levenger site and it was love :-) then I got my quote for shipping to the UK and while I still want the desk punch I just can't justify the cost. So if anyone has one they now longer need or knows where I can order one I would be very grateful for the heads up.

I am a gadget nut and I also write for Palm Addicts as an Associate Writer and have more PDA's than any sane person could ever need/use :-) I am hoping to write a piece for this site and one day set up my own web site - if anyone has any hints or tips for this I would be very grateful.

Hope you're all having a good weekend


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Welcome :)

Welcome to DIY planner :)

You may want to keep an eye on the atoma system, they are similar to the circa system and rumor has it that a punch will soon be available, and may already be. As it is based in europe, the shipping may be cheaper and offset the cost of the punch itself, which is expected to cost a little more than the circa punch. See http://www.atoma.be/ for more information on the system.

Of course, you could just stick with index cards and a binder clip. Before I moved, I found a couple of coloured folders in Stationary Box a while back, and cut them down to size to make covers very much like the ones shown at http://www.indexcardwallet.com/index.html.
Shops in the UK don't seem to have many nice options for index cards and accessories, but you may find a few things of interest at http://www.laoffice.co.uk under the filing/other filing/card index section.


Hi Al,
You sound like me - and most of us! I'm still stuck in the middle of the digital-analog divide, love both paper and digital. It's the best of both worlds!
As for the Circa punch, you might try looking on ebay, too, as a way around the exorbitant Levenger shipping. I saw a desk punch on there in the last day or two, and shipping from an individual would probably be more reasonable than the company's.
Good luck in your quest, and welcome to our happy abode!

If ever you are in London

Welcome Al from another Brit. I can't justify buying anything from Levenger either ... though the £/$ exchange rate is in our favour the shipping costs would still be extortionate. However, there are a few companies who (claim to) sell the Rollabind punches here in England. Not sure if there's one in your area. I found a few near to me with a quick Google search.

I didn't tried any of those local agents because thanks to the kind auspices of Jon in Poland I bought a punch a few months ago. Cost of the punch plus the postage from Poland was still less than the price of buying it here; let alone the postage from a couple of counties away. So I'm rather pleased. :-)

If you should ever be in the London area drop by and I'll let you punch some sheets/cards.

You can get rollabind

You can get rollabind punched from craft/ scrapbook uk sites. They punch 12 holes which is right for A4 . I've had mine for ages and it looks identical to levenger (apart from +1 hole)


looks identical to levenger (apart from +1 hole)

My Rollabind punch, which although it came via Poland, is clearly pukka Rollabind with their product code PBS 1000. It has a stop guide that includes A4. The box artwork shows a punch with 11 cutters, whereas the device in the box has 12.

That is so weird!

You are absolutely correct! The "business end" of the punch on the box looks nothing like the ones we got! There is extra space at both ends, and a round hole in that extra space... How weird. I thought all Rollabinds came with 12 punches, but now it seems I was wrong. (I figured the 12 holes were for scrapbookers, which would need the extra punch because of the common 12"x12" booklet size in scrapbooking circles...) weird...


Thank you to everyone for

Thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome and so much support and advice; I will be checking out the web sites recommended and reepicheep I may take you up on your offer to punch some cards :-) you could make a nice sideline business punching cards for those of us who don't have punches :-)

Thanks again for such a warm welcome.


PS. Jon if you read this and you are ever taking orders for punches please drop me a line.

PM me

I really can't make any promises, and there are probably 10 people on the list already..... but click on my name above, and in the contact tab, send me an email, and I'll add your name to the list (It's a folder in my Mail.app)

The absolute earliest will be November, but possibly January! (holidays are a busy time in the ministry)

One more point. Thanks to the weak dollar, and rotten exchange rates to the zloty, I may have to charge more--but I don't know yet. We shall see...


Rollabind Punch

Hi, Al,
You can buy Rollabind punches in the UK from craft shops - google Rollabind. However, I bought mine on ebay (from The Scrappin' Patch) and even with p&p from the States it was cheaper than buying at home. It's the desktop version and I use it a lot.

Thanks Kate I am on Jon's

Thanks Kate

I am on Jon's list at the moment and busy getting things together to have my first attempt at a "Levenger" style PDA :-)

You won't regret it.

I moan about Levenger's shipping costs but I haven't found anyhting similar and their products are super. I have a Junior size notebook, a Letter size as a markbook on the move before I transfer marks top my Axim, and I make A4 folders as I need them. It's a brilliant system and suits my needs perfectly, if not my bank balance! Hope you find the same satisfaction.