New love

Just received my first honest-to-goodness Circa notebook yesterday - actually, it's a junior zip folio, in what was billed as "evergreen", but I think it's forest green. I got it on ebay, from a private seller, and it is beautiful! It's monogrammed, but in this color it doesn't really show much; no cuts, scratches, or scuffs. I think I'm in love!
Up until now, I'd used the Staples Rolla versions, or made my own from covers and rings from a local scrapbooking store. This, though, wow...I might have to sleep with it :-)
Oh, and the best part? Besides the fact that it came in the box, with the Levenger flannel wrapped around cost me $34 shipped. Doesn't get much better than that!
Just had to share the love!

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I love the compact zip folio i picked up from the LEvenger store on EBay... welcome to heaven~!

(I'll keep my eye open for flickr pics ;P )

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You can bet...

...that pics will show up some day soon! That is, of course, after I get all the forms I need printed out, smurfed, and organized :-)
It's soooo pretty!

The Levenger flannel

wraps that their leather stuff come in are quite handy. I keep one in my suitcase to polish shoes while traveling. I use another as a dust cloth for TV and electronics screens.

awesome ideas!

Thanks for those tips - I'm thinking maybe they would make good polishing cloths for jewelry, too...or if you got enough of them, they'd make a cozy quilt (just kidding on that last one - not enough money in the world to pay for the goods that would have come wrapped in THAT many!)


I would love to have a big blanket made from those! we should take up a collection ;P

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Hubba hubba

Congrats on the great snag! I love that forest green color - it really is gorgeous, one of their best leather colors, IMO. I got my little Micro PDA in forest and it's sweet!

You sound like you've got the foundation for a great Circa setup...let us know how it grows on you. :)