How to get to "Compact"?

This should be obvious, but I've scratched my head for a bit of time now and can't find an optimal solution.

I just can't figure out which paper to cut, and how, to get Compact-size sheets (that would fit in my Levenger Compact notebook, which I got as part of the sampler kit). Of course I can do it with A4 or Letter-size, but not without significant waste.

I suppose the Compact format is a fraction of another format, but I can't figure out which, and how to cut to get there.

Thanks for your help!

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I believe you are correct...

in that there is no elegant, low-waste solution.

Oh well...
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I'm not sure you can cut it

I'm not sure you can cut it exactly from any normal sized paper without some waste. You can look up the different paper sizes at, but none of them look like they're an exact multiple of compact.

What you will be looking for is paper as close to 13.5x7.5in as possible which would let you cut 4 compact sizes per sheet, or 13.5x15in, which would let you do 8 per sheet. Foolscap paper is 13.5x17in, so you could cut 8 compact pages from that with 2 inches left over. I couldn't really find anything else that would come close however, and I'm also not sure where you would be able to get foolscap paper from as cheap as normal paper anyway.

My suggestion: cut it from A4, or letter if you have to. With letter I would make the width of the pages slightly less so you can fit 3 compact size pages to a letter sheet: if you make it 3 2/3" wide instead of 3 3/4" you can fit it on. Then, use the waste for bookmarks, or notes, or even make your own variant on the franklin covey weekly compass insert if you have a wide enough sheet.

Skip Letter and use Legal

All those "A"s confuse me. I'm a simple US-American :)

US Legal size is 8.5 x 14", so you'll have much less waste than from a Letter-size page (8.5 x 11").

I never finish anyth

I once thought so too

Back when I started using the A-sized papers, it seemed confusing. But once I learned the logic behind them, it all makes sense. The only downside is that it seems that, other than A0, none of the sizes come out to even numbers. In that, the US paper sizes have it all over the European/ISO standard. But otherwise, the A-series scale quite well. (Every other size is of the same proportion, so you can fit an A4 template onto an A6-sized paper, and A5 onto A7, etc. (yes, odds and evens).

Also, cutting up and down works well--except, as has been noted, the oddie that is under discussion--"compact". ;-)


Thanks you guys! I'll try to

Thanks you guys!

I'll try to find legal-size 20lb paper now!

keep the leftovers

I would second the suggestion to keep the leftover scraps. I punch small pages and use them for little stuff I only need for one day, like for instance I am going on a business trip tomorrow and I have a short list of the things I need to do yet tonight prior to leaving. of the items on the list is NOT posting on here. Ah well. Too bad.

The other way I use them is that my To Do list is usually good for a couple weeks because it consists of ongoing projects. I use a small-size punched piece to list priorities for one day. That way I can still see the entire To Do list behind it and it doesn't waste a whole sheet of paper for something I'm only going to keep for a day.

Those little scrap-size pieces can be very useful. I think of them as the post-its of my circa.