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So I began my adventure in doggy daycare today. There were six dogs in the small/puppy area today. It was plain to see that I'm going to build up a lot of stamina and endurance at this job - also my ritual of having my beloved compact circa planner is going to come to an end. I won't be able to pet the lovely levenger leather during my work day - my hands will be busy petting pups instead :)

I am going to be assembling a basic hpda tonight. Index cards (just plain old white lined 3 by 5s) and a binder ring. I need to be able to have it in my pocket and make it as inconspicuous as possible. It wouldn't be a good thing to have a pup try to reorganize my organizer. I haven't decided if I will find a cheap old click pen or if I will risk using one of my better ones... or maybe a pencil will be best.

I'm going to see how the binder ring works out. If the pups show any interest my plans of converting to a circa/rolla hpda will evaporate. nothing worse than a pup with a circa disc in its mouth >.< right? (im just imagining... no pups were harmed in the writing of this post).

I'll keep that in my pocket ready for capture during my work day... then after returning to home - I will move what is needed to the appropriate places. I'm guessing the compact zip folio will still accompany me as far as my car - just in case I have to check my schedule or whatnot. My junior sized home base will stay intact...

Its amazing how simple things need to be now that life has regained the complexities of employment ;)

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I see a new template on its way...or perhaps many new templates!

You know, I've heard of doggy daycare places where they send little "report cards" home about how a dog has done that day - any special events/incidents and so on. I'm seeing an hPDA with a little doggy report card form in it in your future! Add a digital camera, put the occasional picture on the dog's card. Then there will be your need to have your own records about different dogs. Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless!


the place i work already has a really neat system of having the dogs information on a laminated card with a binder ring. that gets clipped onto the leash and hung in a special place. That makes it SOOOO much easier to find out which pooch is in that day and which leash is the right one :)

I'm keeping my ears open for any type of designs they may need... today I heard the work "mural" and "Sara is an artist" ... so :D muwahahhahaha this may be a job that can overlap the boundaries of my interests :)

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Excellent job!

Perfect! You get to hang around dogs AND use your artistic talents. This is sounding better and better!

I have a friend

who pays some exhorbitant (to me) fee to have her dog walked a couple of times a day while she is at work. The dog walker writes all her notes the same way in a notebook for that purpose but I could see someone else using a form for the same info. It was stuff like dog's mood, how far they walked and where, what "business" she did (and how many times, texture, etc. - this dog has tummy trouble), what other dogs they met on the way and the dog's reaction to them, if the dog ate anything nasty while out, etc. Way more info than I ever got from my daughter's day car provider.