Soliciting Feedback On a New Product/Design For Productivity (creative world)

Hello All: My team and I would love your feedback/suggestions on how to improve a few products/designs we came up with for boosting productivity in the creative professional world.

Candid insights/suggestions encouraged. We're really passionate about the concept and we want to further develop/refine the line... Early feedback has been encouraging, but we need some guidance from true planning experts (hence this post!).

I am enclosing a link to the latest line-up of products, FYI. Thanks in advance.
Product Line:


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Is anything new?


I think I've seen most of this stuff on your site before--is any of it new?

Personally, I'm not keen on the colors you've picked. I personally prefer sky blue, mint green, pale pastel yellow.. I bet you'd find folks here who'd go for lavender, too.

But honestly, even if you changed the colors I'm a roll-your-own kind of person. The action pad itself is a good concept, I'd just rather not have to take notes on special paper. I use scratch paper for my notes, then move my actions to my lists after the meeting is over and I've sent the meeting notes out. The scratch paper is much more versatile and I can use the whole sheet for notes, calling out actions with a symbol or highlight if I really feel like it.

I'm also a circa fan, so while the three-hole punch is convenient for some, I punch my scratch paper with circa holes and attach it to a stiff backing (reporter style) that has a heavy grid printed on it. That way I can write straight or draw without having to preprint all of my scratch paper.

So if you want to get me drooling, make a nice aluminum or plastic classic-sized reporter-style circa-punched clipboard thingy so the spare sheets can be stored at the *back* and one sheet can be brought forward at a time to be used over a heavily printed grid. :) But even then I'd only buy one. :)




After I posted, I got to thinking a bit more, reread the action method, etc. If you made an aluminum or plastic thingy that had swappable patterns, you'd have a clipboard with a guide that could be used different ways. For example, a slot to hold the guides could have a guide that's full-page dots (heavy black so they show through the scratch paper), another one for the action method, maybe one with a grid, one with just full page lines..

It might be tough to visualize. If you think about a standard aluminum clipboard (the kind where the clip is on the lid that fits on a thin container for spare sheets), you'd need to build in grooves to hold a removable 'card' that has the pre-printed pattern, and the card would have to be tough enough to stand up to ballpoints used on the sheet above and be removable/replaceable.

Anyway, that would be a 'cool tool' in my book, useful for a wider range of folks. I'm not in a very artistic industry, being an IT geek for a global corporation, but we have lots of projects and have to stay organized in meetings. I could use whatever paper I prefer (I use misprints on my scratchpad but other folks might like beautiful heavy paper or colored paper). A model for different size papers and possibly orientations (reporter vs landscape) with a clip, probably, so the binding could be anything..

It would be a departure for a company that does only printed paper, but it would be cool. :) I'd still only buy one though, until you started branching out on the preprinted template thingies. :)



Personally, I'm not keen on the colors you've picked. I personally prefer sky blue, mint green, pale pastel yellow.. I bet you'd find folks here who'd go for lavender, too.

As someone with dyslexia papers of different colours may be useful a topic that came home to me during interpreter training when I took a course in how to take notes for people with disability. On that course we encountered clients who needed yellow paper and red pen; the normal paper colour for school/college/university use here in the UK is white. A tutor recounted how she had been asked by a student to use lime green paper with a yellow pen; the colour contrast being essential.

Personally I've not yet taken a Meares-Irlen test for Scotopic Syndrome bt it may be that I too would benifit from using different coloured papers (and reading through coloured filters). I don't much like paper in pastel shades.

Agree about the colors. I

Agree about the colors. I would certainly go for lavander ;)

Action Runner

I love the new Action Runner! And all of your products! The colors you use grab my attention and make me read what I write - something I desperately need since I love to ignore my action list. I have used circa in the past and actually circa punched many of your different "type" of templates and it worked really well - especially since your paper or cardstock is stiff.

I will try to write better feedback later (client coming in).

nay nay

Action items

The items are fine--well organized and thought out, nice colors, but I'm picky. (The paper-geek version of "it's not you, it's me.") I like writing on white paper. It makes it easier to scan, fax or copy. Pale colors are OK, but bright ones don't work the way I do.

My to-do (or action) lists are unruled. I prefer them that way. If I have to use ruled paper, I want the rules faint. Again, so I can scan, fax or copy them without the lines becoming the main idea of the piece.

I don't want any numbers on my paper. Numbered lists are way too linear and I feel I have to do things in order.

Love the idea of an aluminum cover, though. Now THERE is a fine idea.

And I want a way to close and keep shut every notebook, no matter what size, I fling in my bag. It can be simple, like an elastic band, but it has to have a way to close it. Nice to have are places to store pieces of paper in the covers.
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How do they take fountain pen ink?

I would love lavender, but I'm wondering how the printed sections take fountain pen ink? Does the printing ink act like a coating, making the fp ink bead up?

Nice design, though. It looks useful, in a hip-office-setting kind of way. :)