Levenger shipping - a different problem, and a major frustration.

I have the mis/fortune to be in the UK, but to like Circa and want to get my mitts on the leather foldover covers.

I ordered from Levenger a junior size leather foldover notebook, a pack of dividers and a pack of reinforcers. Total cost for the order was $96 less the 20% discount that was floating round.

Then I got the email regarding international shipping cost: an astonishing $71.22 for FedEx. Good grief. I asked if they could ship by USPS, but they weren't willing.

I have purchased plenty of stuff from the US, and have always been very happy with USPS. Their EMS service is quick, trackable, insurable, and cheaper than a courier service (in my experience, natch).

I just don't like the idea of dropping so much on shipping unnecessarily, when the vendor is unwilling to entertain other (reliable, reasonable) options.

So, a favour:

Anyone know anyone Stateside who might be willing to come to some PayPal-funded arrangement whereby they forward a Levenger purchase to me by USPS? Or indeed anyone who provides such a service commercially?

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You may find these useful...

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Postage Rate Calculator for UK

Bottom line: shipping ain't cheap.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

No, it's not.

It certainly isn't.

But by my reading of that table, that $71.22 could send the package insured, trackable by EMS if it weighted 10 lbs. Which I suspect it wouldn't...
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A 10lb folder!

Good grief! Who in their right mind would use a 10lb (4.5kg) folder?

Assuming it did weigh 10lbs it would be only $US36 for international mail (US Postal Service priority mail 6-10 days) from the USA to the UK. Or $US56 from the USA to me in Australia.

Levenger's postage rates just confirm for me see that my decision to ignore them and their products is the best thing for me.

Levenger uses big boxes for

Levenger uses big boxes for shipping. That's nice because they protect whatever's inside pretty well. That sucks because it's definitely more expensive than it could be if the boxes were smaller.

Even if it's not 10 lbs, it may be big enough not to count as a small package, hence much more costly.

Good luck in your quest...

Amazon uses appropriate sized boxes

Um. I'm not convinced about this use of "big boxes". Having dealt with Amazon.com for many years (almost since they first started) I've not had one single package from them that in anyway was badly packed. Goods shrink-wrapped together (usually hardbacked books) then placed in a slightly larger box in which packing has been placed around the goods. Using over-sized boxes is an eco-unfriendly action.

Amazon also give a number of shipping options including the possibility of free shipping (well okay so that's via amazon.co.uk). When shipping costs are too much I will either decide not to order the goods at all or add in something from my saved items list so my transaction qualifies for reduced rates.

Levenger items may be good (never having ordered anything from them I can't say) but these excessive charges deter me from ever ordering anything from them.

Amazon US works the same way

You make a valid point on either side of The Big Pond
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I totally agree with all of

I totally agree with all of your points, especially the eco-unfriendliness of Levenger's shipping, and the tighter packages from Amazon (but definitely less spiffy - Levenger is obviously in the business of luxury more than sustainability, it seems...).

I wish they'd change their practices (and shipping fees) too I've been waiting for that for over five years, and it hasn't happened. They seem to be quite successful with their current practices and there may be little incentive for them to change.... :(


That's it: as long as people keep paying those rates, they'll keep charging 'em.

It's hard to believe that lowering shipping fees wouldn't ultimately increase their bottom line, but I suppose when you sell such expensive items, your customers tend to be people willing to pay a premium for shipping, too. Another part of the problem is a lot of what they sell can only be found at Levenger, so if you have the money to spend, that's where you're going to spend it. The only way to influence their prices and fees would be to organize a boycott. And with the number of addicts on this site alone, what are the chances of that ever happening . . . ?

Go it together?

I am in the exact same predicament currently. Another option is that a few of us in the UK who are interested make one large order together, and split the costs; shipping things internally in the UK would then be more manageable. Is anyone interested?


What exactly is everybody interested in? Just the punch and rings? or Levenger's leather goodies and paper?

I ask, because I am putting together another bulk purchase for Rollabind punches from the Polish Allegro.pl (ebay clone) web site. I've got 8 people on the list already, but a couple more won't hurt, I hope.

If you are interested in a punch and about 1200 discs, click on my name above, and send me an email, and I'll give you specifics. but ssshhhh don't advertise it too loudly. ;-)


don't forget to add on other chages

A word of warning - the last time I treated myself to some levenger goods (a few weeks ago)my shipping to the UK as quoted was $104 or so. I decided to go for it anyway as I had ordered quite a lot in the sale - laptop pj, circa notebooks - a total of around $200. However, I then got another bill from FedEx for duty (£20.39), VAT (£34.56) and Admin fee (£6.80) - in other words I had to pay another £61.75. The shipping, duty etc. came to more than the total of the order! My order arrived really promptly - in a few days (seems it is quicker to get goods to the UK than internally in USA) but suffice to say I have made myself promise to never buy anything from levenger again...I think it would almost be cheaper to get a budget flight and pick it up myself? (It is lovely though...)

FedEx & duty / VAT / Admin


I apologize for the double billing. This was a problem that we thought had been resolved, but apparently has continued.

FedEx should never send a bill to the customer. You already paid those fees. Please contact me via PM so we can fix this.

Previous discussion

Thank you,

Ryan, I've sent you an email

Ryan, I've sent you an email via levenger as I can't log in and assume I need to to pm? (I registered but haven't received a password and or the new one I requested (twice)- help someone! Hope this can be fixed as FedEx send me a bill every time I order, Kate

Double Billing

I have also had a request for payment - what should I do? Do you want order numbers etc., and that kind of detail? many many thanks for your time and help.

Best Wishes

FedEx bills for misc. charges


Order numbers, FedEx invoice #, etc.
Please send me a PM with the information.

Thank you,


I'm going to shout from the roof-tops ;-) about how easy it was to deal with jonglass when he organised a previous round of Polish "ebay" purchases of Rollabind punches and disks. Even with the double postage from the original seller to him and then shipping on to me across the other side of europe the whole deal still came in cheaper than buying a punch and disks from either Rollabind or Levenger. Indeed it was much cheaper to deal with jonglass in Poland than it would have been to buy from one the English Rollabind distributors.

My only complaint was that Jon beat me to producing a Rollabind-ed Bible.

People round here are so nice!

Rather unexpectedly, I was snowed under with kind offers of help with forward shipping. Thank you all!

I do believe I'm now sorted :)
Mark Goody

I have a blog.
And various lots of photos.