Franklin Covey Task Wallet, how do you use it?

I just picked up a FC task wallet at Office Depot(stupid office supply fetish :) ) I am just getting into the whole hPDA thing and want some advice from others out there.

How do you use an item like this in your work flow?

Thanks! I am looking forward to your answers suggestions.


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Didn't work for me

Probably not what you want to hear, but I could never manage to use it in any way I liked. It was too big to be used as a regular wallet (and I received a wallet from my wife as a present - guess which one I ended up using daily), and not big enough to store all the cards I might want to carry.

It would be useful as a capture tool however, and if you feel it's small enough for you to carry and use as your main wallet, then it will probably work well for that. Personally I prefer the shirt pocket briefcase style as a capture tool though, without the other wallet sections. Right now my FC wallet is sat next to the bed for any nocturnal ideas/thoughts, with just a couple of index cards in the card display section. If you decide to use it as a capture tool, then you would just write ideas/thoughts/todos on the card as they come to you, keeping the wallet with you always, and when you return home, or to work, you put the card in your inbox and process it like anything else in your inbox, adding the items to your todo/actions list in your main planner.

I guess you could also store some reference type cards in the other card holder sections, things like phone numbers, calendar etc. I do something similar with my normal wallet, folding the card in half to get it to fit in a credit card slot.

Of course, this is just my experience. Hopefully you will fare better, but I found that the wallet and cards alone didn't work too well, and you need something else to hold information you don't have room for, or isn't appropriate for 3x5 cards.

do you use a particular system?

Do you follow GTD or any other workflow management system?

Or are you like many of us and just go with the flow?

How you use your task wallet will reflect how you manage your cards/data. My suggestion is that you think about what pieces you're most likely to need to access when you're on the move and put that information into your task wallet.

Keep it simple, play with how you use it, and discover what suits you

I agree with the comment

I agree with the comment about the number of 3x5 cards that can be fit into the wallet. I have been keeping the 15-20 I use daily behind the "holder area". I thought maybe it would stretch in the future and I could fit more. Or I thought maybe I was keeping too much crap in it. :)

I am not planning on using it as a daily wallet, I have a bad habit of keeping too much stuff in the wallet so I now carry an Umbra card case, keeps it light.

I am mostly a GTD guy, but like some of the Covey ideas. I will see where it goes from here, but maybe I will end back up with the binder clips.

Thanks for the replies.