Outlook to web calendar?

Hi there,

now I finally had my system down pat with outlook as my main source of electronic planning including reminders, gtd add-on, print to home-made 6-ring planner etc., and then I got an office with a (old) computer. Now this has greatly improved my productivity in some ways (I am actually working on my thesis), but has lead me to miss a number of appointments, due to relying on the non-existing electronic reminders...

So, I am looking for a way to sync my outlook calendar with some web solution or stickware (though it's a USB 1.1 connection, i.e. slow) as the computer at work won't let me install anything (I don't have admin rights). What to do? It needs to be a two-way solution so that I can put in an appointment on the web, and then import to my home computer, and vice versa.

Any ideas?


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Google to the rescue!

Hi Katharina - Good luck on the thesis, I know grad school is quite the all-encompassing endeavor!

Outlook will export your calendar as comma-separated value (CSV) format, which you can import into Google Calendar. The import isn't quite perfect, but will get the info in there for you. You can then set up your reminders there.

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Solution I have used

I use www.airset.com which is a free calendar, and contacts web based solution. With its desktop sync feature it will sync Outlook to Airset.com. I have found it to be very useful, they also have the option of installing the program on your mobile phone but this costs $'s! Good luck


Thanks to both of you for the suggestions! The problem with google calendar seems to be how to get the two calendars to synchronize rather than manually importing/exporting...

I forgot about airset! I checked it out once and that was it. I will try it again. If it works seamlessly with outlook, that would be great.

Other than that it seems like upgrading to outlook 2007 is a relatively painless (if costly) possibility. An investment I wouldn't mind putting off for a while :)

Thanks for the good wishes for the thesis as well...it sure is all-encompassing (see for example phdcomics.com), but we get academic software licenses :)