Make a Life-map of Achievements

Looking back at my life, I sometimes get so bogged down in the day to day activities that I forget all the good and wonderful things I have done in my life. Sometimes, I need to be reminded of my accomplishments to help get me out of a funk. That's why I sometimes keep a list of all the accomplishments laying around. However, while playing with my mind mapping software, I came up with an alternative idea for visually keeping track of my accomplishments. I call it my Life-map of Achievements.

Keeping such a list can help improve a blue monday mood as well as can also give your life meaning and focus. Have you ever wanted to see a roadmap of all your achievements? To hold in your hands a single representation of every proud moment in your life? In creating your own Life-map of Achievements, you can take stock of what you have done so you can get ideas for what all you could do tomorrow, next year and in the rest of your life. All you need to make one of these tools is your memory, some pencils, pens or crayons, a big piece of paper for space and a little working knowledge of how to create a mind map.

Get a big piece of paper (or grab your favorite Mapping software). Unlike most mind maps where you write down one word and then free associate, this one is going to be a bit more... planned. But don't worry, just because there's some forethought into it doesn't mean it can't be fun. Draw a new bubble that says Achievements in the center of the page. Next, come up with time periods to categorize your life's accomplishments into. I choose to do: childhood, teens, 20s, 30s, etc. For those who are really ambitious and you could have your second tier set of bubbles reflect each year since your glorious birth.

When you're done coming up with the skeleton outline to your achievements, start thinking about all the things you've done. Learning to ride a bike, swim, winning first place in golf, graduating high school, etc. If it helps, you can take a few minutes to write as many as you can recall down on another sheet of paper. Got as many of them as you can recalled? Good, it's time for fun. Pick one of the bubbles and start drawing lines and writing words or images down that represent a single event or thought to be proud of. Get crazy and use colors. When you're done with the first circle move on to the next.

Keep going until either the list you came up with has been fully transferred over to the sheet or you run out of all the things you would are proud to have said and done. Now that you're done you can either expand out into the uncharted territories and make circles and spaces for all the things you have yet to do in your life. Or you can frame this drawing, this sketch and post it in your office for that reminder of how far you've come when you feel like nothing is going right.

If you're truly daring, you could always post your finalized version of your Life-map on the DIY Planner Flickr pool.

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Another great idea Inno... I have to find out how you keep knocking balls out of the proverbial park :)

I found that revamping my resume was a great picker-upper. Seeing everything I had done at past jobs really boosted my spirits.

can't wait to try this idea too :D Thanks hun!

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What a coinkidinky!

This is cool - my 8th grade health students are just finishing up their "life map" assignments. It's pretty similar to what you're talking about, but more linear, as they're pretty young yet to have too much on them. They do a list of past and future "milestones" and map it out on a timeline, complete with year and tiny illustrations. Pretty cool to see what they consider a milestone, and also when they think certain events will happen in their lives.
I like what you've done with this, cranking it up a notch or two...I might have to try it for me, maybe make some additions to what my students do. Thanks!


What? No picture? :)

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

Mindmap of Acheivements

What a great idea! I am a big fan of mindmapping, but it never occurred to me to mindmap my accomplishments. Thanks for the awesome brainchild!

This could really use a graphic

This could really use a graphic

something similar

is a visual cv here

[link by ygor]

Mind Mapping

It definitely help to know how much you have achieve till today. I have great fun doing that when I attended a Certified NLP training for the trainer course.