Levenger Corporate Sales - CircaPDA Bomber

Argh...when I didnt find a Circa PDA in "Bomber" (I am very tactile..love my Bomber folderover Junior)...I broke down and settled for the regular leather in black...nice enough.got it Tuesday (no comment on handling time before shipping, shipping cost and FedEx...enough said)

Now after reading a post this morning I come to find that the Levenger "Professional and Corporate" sales webpage has the Bomber CircaPDA...and they have the cloth foldovers another poster mentined recently..

Do any of you have experience with the Professional/Corporate sales transactions at Levenger. I am lusting to buy another CircaPDA in Bomber. Save me..Rats Rats Rats.. No on line sales from what I can tell...Will I have to listen to a sales pitch? I have to talk to people non-stop at work and would prefer not to have to listen to someone try to sell me items in quantity or things I dont want.


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Some people were interested

Some people were interested in the cloth circa covers in another thread, and it looks like you can order corporate products through customer service.

No problem with corporate sales

I called the corporate sales division at Levenger at the beginning of this past week and they put me through to customer sales to buy one item instead of quantity of items. There wa a bit of confusion because customer service did not see the item in their listings but once located, I was sold the cloth junior circa without pause and no sales pitch. It was an extrememly pleasant conversation that was as quick as they could make it. Hope that helps you proceed for the Bomber PDA!

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Glad about no fuss with Levenger Corporate Sates-

Mivok and Sporter.

thank you very much for the info. I will give it a go. My Circa Bomber lust is relentless.

anything else corp only?

Does Levenger have any other goodies only available in their Corporate catalog? I never knew there was anything different in there until the bookcloth cover Circa's came up and now this. What's next? And could anyone who purchases these please post a review?


I think I'd like the cloth

I think I'd like the cloth covered covers.
Looking forward to it being in the catalog.

I am a notebook junkie.

Update Corporate Sales Item CircaPDA Bomber

Just an update that I received the CircaPDA Bomber this week. No hassle whatsoever with calling regular Levenger Customer Service about this Corporate sales item.....The sales agent stated that they were on back order and expected that it would be available on 10/20...much to my surprise, it was shipped on 10/17 so I was happy...

I like it...not as thickly padded as the Bomber Circa Junior Foldover but still nice. Glad I did it...and it was $2.00 cheaper than a regular Circa PDA...$42 vs. $44 .....

the part I hate is the cost for shipping....so I continue to share the view of many here that the shipping costs are out of sight.

thanks to those who advised that corporate sales items were readily available without a sales pitch for quantity orders. easy purchase, no hassle.