ADOC Systems from The Daily Planner

I am surprised that there is not more chatter about the ADOC System notebooks found at the Daily Planner Link

They are disc-bound and the Junior size is about 3/4 inch wider than the Circa size.

I ordered a couple and the colors are fantastic. Quite a perk-up. I was mainly interested in the top bound notebook which I cannot find at Levenger (my first love!)

They have quite a variety of colors and styles. My "junior" size came with an elastic enclosure, a ruler to keep my place, 5 plastic cover sheets, and four dividers that are light plastic. The price for the "junior" size was $11.95. They also have refills. Shipping was quick and the shipping cost all the way out here to Oregon was $6.95.

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such a cruel temptation!

Just one more thing to think about, and to drool over!
Question: are the discs spaced the same as Circa/Rollabind? I didn't see much in the way of description on their site. I do like the colors, and the prices!
BTW, what part of Oregon? I'm down south in the Rogue Valley :-)

Same as the Myndology

Same as the Myndology system, as far as I can tell.

so then the next question

so then the next question Myndology spaced the same as Circa? Sorry, but I haven't actually seen one up close and personal, only Circa and Rollabind :-)

They're spaced differently,

They're spaced the same, but people's opinion differs on how compatible they are. This thread goes into some detail about the two systems. You might want to take a look at the following two comments: and'

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Who here has Myndology stuff ? We need answers !

...about Smurf spacing and placement
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The smurfs are spaced the same

The smurfs are spaced the same on Circa and Myndology, but the Myndology smurfs are a little snug on Circa disks. I know this because I started with Myndology, but when I got too impatient for the punch to be available, I bought the Circa punch and disks from Levenger. I'm now using a combination of the two systems, at least until I use up all my Myndology stuff.

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't you post a report yourself on atoma/myndology smurfs in the atoma thread?

Edit: ignore me, I just realised the mistake I did in the original post.


Seriously, though, while it's not too much information on this thread, after reading the older posts about the Circa/Myndology/Atoma/Rollabind question, I think the best thing I've figured is to just use them separately, and not try to intermingle. So maybe I'll order a couple of notebooks to use on their own, and play around with mixing them up with Circa, and then post my findings. Thanks for all the comments!

Spaced same, not differently

Ouch.. I just reread my comment, and they are spaced the same, not differently. It's not letting me edit the original post. My apologies for that, I must have been tired when writing it. If possible, could a moderator edit the original post for me?