new Lamy Vista owner

I decided today to go ahead and buy a Lamy Vista. I had a $10 gift card from giving my name and address when I bought a bottle of ink for $8 or $9 from Paradise Pen Company in a nearby mall. After reading some reviews of the Lamy Safari and finding out the Vista is pretty much the same thing, but in clear, I decided that would be a good use of my $10 gift card and a few more bucks.

They told me over the phone that they thought they had one medium and two fine nibbed Lamy Vista fountain pens left. When I got there it turned out all they had were two mediums. They offered to dip the pen in some ink and let me try it anyway. It seemed to be a fairly fine point for a Medium. I decided it was a small enough nib for me and bought one.

Are European fountain pens smaller-nibbed than American? I know I've heard Asian pens are.

The only color cartridges they had available were black and blue. But I wanted to use my nice South Sea Blue ink from Waterman, so I sprung the extra money for a converter. I think it was $3.50 for a box of ink cartridges or $5.95 for the converter. Grand total: $35.71 for the pen and converter, and the gift card took care of $10 of that.

The pen is super smooth and makes a wonderful line, or I found out from reading this site and fountainpennetwork that you can write with the nib upside down to get a nice fine line.

One thing that surprised me - this pen is made almost entirely out of plastic so it is lighter than some of the other fountain pens I've seen. But it is a very solid and sturdy plastic that has a definite heft to it. Lamy must be pretty confident in the sturdiness of their pens too. It is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The only disappointment, and this one is very minor. The main reason I got a clear pen was so I can see what color ink is in there. Even with this light blue ink I have, I still have to hold it up to the light to see what color is in there. Only having one color of bottled ink I use makes it easy, of course. But in the future I'm sure that won't be the case.


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I'm glad you like it. I love mine.

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Great pen!

Congrats on a great pen. I have two Vistas and love them. You're right about the ink color, though some of the different colored inks will be easier to tell what color they are. Ime, they will still be pretty dark, though, but you'll be able to tell a green ink from a purple one, for instance.

I think the steel nibs on the Lamys of whatever design are really exemplary.

Ink on leather...

Hi Kenny, I got mine at Paradis pen too.
I like the red ink pump but some people thinks it's a distraction I just dropped it the other day and inks went flying then three black ink dots now stains my leather back pack.
How am I going to clean these spots from leather?
Any ideas?

Duc Ly

water normally takes care of fountain pen ink

Most fountain pen inks are water based, so you can take care of it pretty easy with water if you catch it right away. Just take a damp cloth and see how much you can take care of. I haven't spilled ink on anything leather (yet) so I don't know what would take stains out. I'd suggest checking the fountain pen network and asking over there.


Saddle Soap?

I've heard saddle soap can remove stain.
The ink is dried to the leather. Thanks for the answer though. I'll head over to fountain pen networks.

Duc Ly