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My main reason for keeping a planner is to keep track of all of my doctor information and appointments. However, it is also a very convenient way to keep track of all the medications I am taking: for my reference, in case of emergency, or if I'm seeing a new doctor.

To that end, I created this template. It's optimized for the 6-ring planners that are 4.25"x6.75". I left out markings for holes as I imagine you can use a sheet from your planner already to mark them and it should make it easier to scale it for other planners.

This was created using Scribus. I certainly welcome any suggestions for improvement: this WAS my first attempt, ever, at anything like this.

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The name of the medication (I suggest using the generic name, if you know it) should go above the purple box. The 'R' stands for 'Refills' (as an aside: pencil might be best!). The other fields should be self-explanatory.

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