too many DIYPlanner pages - a good problem to have!

I've got a problem and was wondering if any one else has run into it. I've got a folder full of forms downloaded from this site. I toss the ones that I don't think are useful to me and keep the ones that look cool, interesting, or useful. The problem I'm running into is I can't remember what all is there! For example, it took me some digging to figure out which one was the Classic size one page per week inspired by the Moleskine + Notes weekly planner.

The only ones I can find easily are the official templates, which I have saved in folders by paper size. So diyplanner/classic/ is all the official classic-size DIYplanner templates.

So - anyone else have this problem, or better yet, a good way to solve it?

Having the categories and thumbnails for some of the templates on this site definitely helps.


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Some ideas

For a start, you can group all the non-official templates by paper size. I'm guessing from your description that you haven't done this yet, so the only way now is to open them all one by one and check the paper size. In the latest version of adobe reader, hover your mouse over the bottom left corner and it will pop up the paper size.

You can also select the thumbnail view (if you're on windows, although mac and gnome under linux both have similar views) to preview all of the pdfs before opening them. I'm not sure if I have something special installed for it to work, but I think it's just the latest version of adobe reader.

When you download the pdfs, if you think you will need to find them later, you could always give them more descriptive names. For example, "1 Page Per Week Moleskine Inspired.pdf".

Right now I don't have enough downloaded templates to get them lost, but those three things work for me, most importantly the first one, grouping by paper size.


You can also select the thumbnail view (if you're on windows, although mac and gnome under linux both have similar views) to preview all of the pdfs before opening them.

I use this on my Mac, as well. If you use column view, you have the preview when you click on the file. Alternately, you can use the file info via the file info inspector (--)

One other thing I've done, is to rename some of the more vaguely-named files, or files with names too similar. But weirdly enough, I somehow have remembered what most of these files are! But then again, My DIYPlanner folder contains only 160 files, and is a mere 179 megs. But I know that all my downloads from here are in there, because I have Omniweb automatically download all files from here to that folder (on my Desktop).

But, in the end, probably the most helpful thing I've done, and you could do, is to rename any vaguely-named files.

Alternately, I believe there is software out there, like an iPhoto for pdf files. would help you find it. That might be an alternative. Anybody use one of these apps?


does iphoto deal with pdf

does iphoto deal with pdf files itself? I seem to remember something a while back about it being a feature in a new version of iphoto.

Don't know about iPhoto

...but I seem to recall reading somewhere about a system using iTunes.... Google would help here...


How about...

Making shortcuts or aliases (depending on your OS) that you can organize by individual category ?
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I just spotted this program that claims to help you manage a library of pdf files, with tagging and all that good stuff. I've not tried it myself (folders are good enough now), but it may be worth taking a look at: Shoka.