Anybody recognize this pen?

There is a particularly attractive pen illustrated on this page. Can anybody identify it?

Actually, I'm _sure_ more than one person here can, (which is why I'm asking), but I'm dying to know what it is!


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The pen is -

Cross Apogee

[linkified by innowen on 10/15/07]


Sorry - first post - I will linkify.



No problem... linkifying links in posts and then letting you and others know when it took place is just a common thing us staffers here at DIYP do to help you and others view information.

No need to apologize... we've got your back for those times when links don't go correctly or if you don't know how to use HTML link tags.

Have a great day and hope to read more comments from you.



Thanks mick. And no need to apologize for not linkifying. We do have a wonderful, small group of "assistants" who take care of all sorts of background things for us, making this place just all that little bit more wonderful! Looking forward to more helpful posts from you! Thanks again.