Flickr or anything similar


Are there any more picture sites out there similar to Flickr? I am not a member of Yahoo and am wondering if anyone knows of anything similar elsewhere? How well does Flickr function and can it be compared with anything else?

Thanks for any input!

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One or two

First, there's picasaweb at google (

and photobucket. I don't recommend it, though. It's more of an online storage solution, like for bloggers, etc. It's got bandwidth limits, and other things I don't like (images tend to load slow from there)

The first place I would look is picasaweb.


Flicr or similar

Thanks Jon!

I have Picasa - but it doesn't seem to function quite the same way as Flicr does. However I may not be using it properly. It would would be nice to hear what others think!

:o) kat


Check to see if there is a newer version than the one currently on your system. The newest has added the online functionality of Picasa Web. It wasn't in older versions.

I never finish anyth

as far as functionality....

...I don't think anything touches flickr. It's unique, IMO. The whole concept of the photostream--not so much focusing on photography, but life in general. On flickr, everybody's individual 'stream' flows into the flickr 'river.' That's kind of unique IMO. There are photo sites, but they all focus on "photography" as an end unto itself. Flickr uses photography to focus on life, and the lives people live. I know it's a bit of a philosophical answer, but flickr's hard to define in simple terms. ;-)

I say sign up for flickr, and try it out.


Another one to look at: is a flickr alternative. I've not really tried either - I just upload any pictures to my website, so I can't really recommend any one over another, sorry.

refer to

This past thread:

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flickr vs. other photo sharing sites

I've tried PhotoBucket, Picasa, and Flickr. Photobucket is more or less photo storage space for blogs. Picasa is definitely better. Where Flickr shines is sharing photos with the internet in general - the social aspect of photos. For example, place a diyplanner tag on a picture of your planner and anyone interested in how diyplanner fans can browse everyone's photos tagged with diyplanner to see what is out there.

The only downside I've seen to Flickr is the limitations they place on the free accounts. You are limited to a certain amount of uploads a month (a limit I've NEVER come close to hitting) and you are limited to three "sets" of photos. Think of a set as a folder of photos. I hit this limit fairly quickly, but don't use Flickr enough to justify paying for an account.


Flickr rocks. Period.

I've used a number of photo sites over the years: Shutterfly, Webshots, who knows what else. The one I've been most impressed with, and use religiously (I check it pretty much daily, and upload probably on the average of weekly), is Flickr. It's really much more than just an upload site - it's a community. I paid the $20 or so for a pro account, and it has been well worth the money. Not only does it give you a place to store your photos, but it also provides a creative, supportive space for art. Many of the photos I have there are of my artwork, or are of artistic subjects. After a short time as a member, I found my own little group of Flickr friends, and have made nice connections all over the world - from the US to the UK to the former USSR.
I use a Mac, and using a plugin, I can upload directly from iPhoto, pretty seamlessly.
I can't say enough good things about the site. Sign up. Do it. Now. You won't be sorry.
And no, I'm not an employee of Yahoo, or Flickr, just an evangelizing fan :-)

There are quite a few options

I've been using Flickr for a couple years, but I'm always on the lookout for any cool alternatives. I wrote a rather extensive post on this on my blog, however, it is all in Spanish. It all depends on what you need. Flickr is great for sharing pictures with the world, as it has mentioned before, and also has some cool features that help with organizing pictures, such as sets and tags. The free version is quite limited tho. Zooomr has a similar feature set and is free, but a few of the features remain broken after its most recent upgrade. Picasa Webalbums just integrates so nicely with Picasa, specially for uploading and downloading pictures. Other options that I found interesting were Smugmug, Zoto and Zenfolio.

I guess it all depends on your needs. As I am mostly interested in sharing pictures with my family, and my family is already paying for server space for another thing, I figured it would suit me best to install Gallery for a family site only us could access.

Thanks for the options

Wow - thanks everyone for all the input, which I suspect boils down to having to try myself. My main reason for not wanting to try Flickr was having to make a Yahoo account, which I have had before. But after I started using Google, I simply did not want a conflict of interest and yet another tools line on my desktop. I'm also finding that all these tools, minpirograms and gadgets are taking the upper hand (and much of my time) - certanly not in line with "keep it simple" or as some else said (I think on this site) "make it simple!". However, I definitely will try Flickr even though I am not a professional photographer. Thanks again, and if still others have some more input, keep them coming!

Greetings from Norway.


If you had a Yahoo accoun tin teh past, it is probably still out there. I leave mine inactive for months at a time and have never had it deleted by Yahoo for inactivity. If you can remember what you used for an account name and password, I'd try to log in.

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