Myndology is serving up Punch starting tonight (October 15, 2007)

Hello once again!

It is with bated breath and great anticipation that Myndology proudly announces the arrival and release of the Myndology punch! Starting tonight, October 15, 2007 at 07:00pm CST, we will have the punch available for purchase on our website at

With its exclusive 11 disc combination, our punch will let you add an unlimited assortment of paper to your current Myndology products. And because of its sturdy construction and light weight, this punch can help keep you organized while you’re on the go! Now that’s good thinking!

But that’s not all! For the avid DIY’ers out there, we will also be releasing several individual disc packs! Whether you’re looking to customize your current Myndology product or create your own, the disc packs will let you do just that. Along with the current polypropylene design, we are also making available an aluminum version of the disc! Customization has never been so cool!

Worried that your old Myndology disc bound products will not be compatible with the new punch and disc packs? Don’t be! Because of good thinking and smart design, all Myndology disc bound products (past, current and future!) are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with each other.

We look forward to seeing you tonight!

Best Regards,


Oh, and don’t forget! The coupon code “potatosalad” is still valid and will get you 20% off these and all products on the website!

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Myndology Punch - Hooray

Good luck with the release, Jason.

In fact, I've got a couple more of your notebooks coming today....

I think my kid is now hooked and he'll be soon snagging clients for you at his middle school.

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Excellence then is not an act,
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Congrats Jason!

I am really happy for you and your company! Looking forward to checking out the new items this evening - love the idea of aluminum discs - sounds VERY cool!

Thanks for all of your work and for the great discount!

Have a Happy Day!
nay nay

Congratulations Myndology

Congrats Jason! I cannot wait to see the product appearing on your pages. It'll be great to hear what happy customers are saying about it.



Can't wait to read the first reviews of the new punch! :-)

myndology smurf shape

This is sort of a review but more of an illustration of the myndology smurf shape.

myndology smurf

Duc Ly

Duc - can you take a picture

Duc - can you take a picture of paper on paper, like how I did with the Levenger factory-punched Circa paper on top of my home-punched Circa paper?

Like this:
Smurf Comparison - 2


A little disappointed....

I, for one, am a little disappointed. I don't know if the quality of this punch greatly supersedes that of other similar products on the market, but it's priced such that it's not a reasonable purchase under virtually any circumstances.

The going rate for a Rolla/Circa punch is half of the price Myndology is selling theirs for, and there are more vendors who sell directly compatible products. I was hoping that the punch would at least be competitive, since I'm still on the fence (have some Mynd stuff, some Levenger stuff - mostly samples and a Rolla book from Staples), especially since the normal price of Mynd stuff is much more reasonable. But, I'm already having the argument with my wife as to whether the Levenger prices can be justified - the Myndology punch is pretty much out of the ballpark.

Student discounts, maybe? :)

Wow! It IS expensive.

That's too bad. However the aluminum rings are pretty cool, and decently priced.......


It is expensive, but the aliminium disks are really tempting.

mixing systems?

I wonder how well the aluminum rings would work with a Circa/Rollabind system? I'd be tempted to buy some wooden rings and try if those were available.


I have to agree!

When I read the post saying myndology now has a punch, I was eager to take a look at it, because the myndology products are attractive and very reasonably priced (though I've never seen them in person). I was even about to recommend them to a couple of people. But the price of the punch completely negates the value of the other products (at least in my opinion). There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for the cost of the punch, but I would think the point of introducing the punch would be to make myndology more competitive with circa and rollabind. But to be twice as expensive as Levenger would seem to undermine that goal, no? What am I missing?

Aluminum discs!


Man, I am just dying to see how those aluminum discs would do in my notebooks. Those would be *so* cool. Bet I could even interest DH in those.



I could never get him to go for it, though, when I have a zillion other discs waiting to be used. *pout*


Disc sale !!

Shris is going to have a plastic disc liquidation sale for DH justification !!


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Weeeell, I dunno about *that*...


I'm with Kenny, though, wood ones would be fabulous too.

Well, Christmas is coming.

Oh Jason, you wouldn't be interested in floating me five discs to measure and review, would you? I'd add them to my disc chart... *flirt*



I've given my wood-turner of

I've given my wood-turner of a brother in law the mission to make me wood disks. He has the template done and every thing so I'm crossing my fingers for the holidays.

Why not!

Hey shris!

I don't see why not! Email me your address and we'll get a few discs out to you!



Oooh, goody goody!


Looking forward to seeing for myself just how different the two systems are..


Can I have some too?

Can I have some too?

Don't forget your

Don't forget your "potatosalad" coupon code.

I am a notebook junkie.

RE: Myndology Punch Concerns

Hi Everyone:

I’ve been following the responses here and I want all of you to know that I am listening and taking notice of your thoughts on our latest release of products. I would like to take a moment to address some of the concerns regarding the price of the punch:

For the past ten months, we have been working closely with Atoma to design a punch to compliment our product lines. One of our biggest concerns was designing a punch where the quality and usefulness would rival any on the market. We were not willing to sacrifice quality in order to bring a lower priced product to market.

While I agree that price contributes to the value one gets from products they purchase, I also feel that the quality of the product and the company’s commitment to the buyer’s satisfaction play a role that is equally important. As has been mentioned in this Blog and many others, the pricing and quality of our products are equal to and in some cases exceed that of our competitors. In looking at the pricing point of our punch and its quality, we feel that the overall value of our punch is in line with the rest of our products and that it’s introduction contributes to the overall value of our product line.

Thank you all for contributing your thoughts and input on our existing and future product lines. We are listening and are working diligently to create products that you will find useful.

Best Regards,



For instance, the Rolla portable punch that I have doesn't make the deep stem as a Factory punch of the Levenger Circa Paper.
Duc Ly

Myndology - Rolla Compatibility


I got a small sample of Myndology discs today, including two of the coveted aluminum discs. :)

Naturally I stuffed paper on them the instant I opened the package.

I have the Rollabind Desk punch and a small boatload of Rolla and Circa discs in my stash. When I put my hand-punched paper onto the Myndology discs, I discovered that the Mynd discs are actually thicker than the Rolla/Circa discs, with a shallower curve on the mushroom cap. So my initial assessment is this:

If you want thin books (1/4 inch of paper or less), you could probably use either set of discs with either paper and it would probably work OK--but not great. If you want thicker stacks of paper, you want to be true to your punch. The wider Mynd discs 'grab' right at the pointy edges of the mushroom, while I think the Rolla/Circa discs would 'rub' at the apex of the mushroom cap on Mynd punched-paper. My guess would be that any wood discs you happened to come across would emphasize the incompatibility unless they were *extremely* smooth and shiny.

The aluminum discs are bright and pretty and incredibly lightweight. They've been carefully turned, not cast, and any burrs or sharp edges were nicely removed from my two discs.

I'll measure the discs later, when I've dug out my husband's gadget. By eyeball, the two sizes Jason sent me are slightly larger than Rolla's Small and Medium discs.

In the package, I received one larger aluminum disc, one smaller aluminum disc, four translucent blue in the smaller size, one translucent orange in the smaller size, and one black in the smaller size.

Personally, I am grateful for the chance to see the difference, but sad that they won't be compatible (enough) with the system I already own. :(


I'll try it.

OK, I ordered my punch (along with some bare journals and discs) last week and will be getting it on Wednesday. I'll give a report when it gets here. I'm also going to find out if my local Kinko's or Staples will cut some paper for use with the punch.

It was a tough decision between Myndology/Atoma and Levenger, but I've been happy with the few Myndology products I've ordered, so we'll see how it goes.


I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx

Little Problem

Well, I was all excited today, waiting for my delivery. I must be the last stop on the UPS guys route, because he never gets here before 5:00PM. There was a little problem that I will not detail here. I have an e-mail to Jason at Myndology to resolve the issue. So the report will have to wait. :^(

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx