Reading Log Possible?


I'm interested in keeping a record of the books I read, with the usual info (author, title, category, rating, remarks) plus perhaps info on what local library/ies have the book, cost, binding, loaned to, ISBN, that sort of thing. Does such a thing exist, here or elsewhere? Thanks for any info!

Mary B

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Record of books

Check out
The barcode scanner will link you to amazon or the national library to give you most of the info you require. Simple, quick, and inexpensive

Check out academic reference software

Check out Endnote ( if they're still in business (I have a still-used 1998 version). This is software which emulates a card catalog. It has screen entry forms for entering the info you want and plenty of space for comments and defining your own fields. It's used by academics to track references for journal articles (it interfaces with MS Word for automated creation of Reference sections). There are several other programs which do or did the same thing (e.g. Reference Manager was one). (This actually replaced, for me, a system I had in graduate school of boxes and boxes full of --yes-- index cards.) Although any database software (e.g. MS Access) could be adapted to what you want to do, I think you find this or similar software very harmonious with your need.


The quickest way for me to keep track is at

All you need to do is put in the ISBN and the rest gets imported from amazon or the like.

The structure depends on your tagging, but I like that.

I think this is one of those cases where digital does it better, I love paper, but I use it for stort term stuff. Things I expect to keep for a long time I like digital.

Bibliophil also does some of what you're looking for with a community slant.


Web-based book tracking

ooooooh. Bibliophil and Librarything are both awesome - thanks for the pointers!


Books for Mac OS X

If you're on a mac, I totally recommend Books ( It's beautifilly written, aestically pleasing book library application. It allows for quick ISBN entry and allows you to define book categories, ratings, loaner tracker and even has a associated-book journal for each book read. It's also free, btw.

I have well over 1,000 books in my library and without this tool there's no way I'd have been able to quickly enter and track all my books.


Does it catalog CDs?

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it might!

Perhaps. You could always check out their website.


On Mac, there is also Bento,

On Mac, there is also Bento, by the makers of Filemaker, that has ready-made templates for books and cd libraries and most home databases. It,s solid and quite inexpensive.

allows ISBN lookup?


Does it allow you to enter data via ISBN and (or other library sources)? That's the one thing i love about my books app. It allows me to enter the 10 or 14 digit ISBN and that's it. It'll fill in the rest of the info FOR me so i don't hafta spend years cataloging.

I used to love Filemaker and haven't really looked at Bento, so i'll go do that now.

I have no idea. The Bento

I have no idea. The Bento site probably has that answer.

i hope so

I hope so. Researching it now. :)


Sorry for only providing a

Sorry for only providing a partial answer. I tried the programme and it looked really good, but it was not at all what I needed so I jst erased it. I did not go very deaply into its components.

there's always room for more...

That's okay, it's a good suggestion! Especially for those who want to actually DIY and create their own databases. ;)


Try Base

For those who want to create their own databases there is always the Base application in the office suite. OOo is like Microsoft Office but free and with a an Access-like database application included in the box for the same cost.

So you can create your own planner pages with either Writer or Draw at the same time as creating your own personal databases. And there's Calc for your spreadsheets. Finally you can pull it all together into Impress for those impressive presentations.

don't forget zoho is such a great online group of apps. Spreadsheets and databases are just a couple things they offer. Check it out :)

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Looks like GoogleDocs

The presentation at looks just like the presentation at GoogleDocs. Both of these have one disadvantage s far as I'm concerned --- the material is not in my possession or under my control. Apart from a few toy documents (food diaries and other people's email attachments) on GoogleDocs everything is on my own systems either at home or at the office. Really don't want to give up the ownership of the data to anyone; hence it's for me.

For Mac OX and books

I've been using Booxter. Very nice interface and books can be entered via IBSN number (which is then searched online).

On-line equivalent

For something very similar on-line -- look at

I am also looking for a

I am also looking for a reading log/journal/diary template. Does anyone know of any blank (in that you can fill the information in by hand and not by computer), downloadable templates?

Book Note

Check out page 61 of the hipster pda core 1-up templates, the Book Note may fit some of your requirements.

It,s the one I use and I

It,s the one I use and I like it a lot.

Reading Log

For the past 16 years I have been keeping track of the books that I read. Started out in a simple spiral notebook, progressed to an excel sheet, but am happiest with the Moleskine I started using five years ago. It's the larger size, grid paper - each year gets a tab. For each book I record title, author, copyright, # of pages and if it was either a gift or a library book. I also write a brief summary of the book.

I am looking forward to starting a second notebook in another three years or so.

Hi - try

Hi - try - keeps everything online and never lost.


I keep track on It's good to have a database, so you just type in key words, and it finds your book. You can download your list to a spreadsheet. I upgraded from Excel a year or so ago. It's part of my "read 1000 books" plan. I'm at 883 as of today.

Quite similar to goodreads, you can also try It's an online reading log that's free. You can enter a title or author, and it will show you books that matches. You just have to select and add them to your library.