circa vs. myndology

I've read the posts on the interchangeability of the two systems, but I still would love to know: which system is better?

OK, "better" could mean a lot of things. For the purposes of this discussion:

which ring/hole shape does a better job of holding on to paper?

Is there one that is easier to turn?

Have you noticed that frequent removal and insertion of a piece of paper leads to mangled "smurfs" with one brand, but not with another?

I'd love you hear your opinions!

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That's it: Opinion

I am not certain if either system has a technological/physical advantage. I believe it is going to come down to individual opinion and preference.

Discs made out of stuff like aluminum and polished wood cannot hurt the popularity "score" :)
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Personal taste

I agree with Ygor, it's more a matter of personal taste than anything. I have both (though not many of the Myndology) and like them both. I'd say, right now, that Circa has the edge because: 1) it's been around longer here, and 2) it has a wider variety of options available for customizing.

That said, it's clear that Myndology is catching up, especially with the punch, so I'd say maybe get a notebook from each system and see which one suits you best.

As to rings and day-to-day use, they seem very similar to me. Circa may have the edge here, a bit, but all in all, I'd say go with what appeals to you most.


I greatly appreciate the responses...and I'm at home right now, waiting for the fedex man, who will be bringing me goodies from levenger at any moment!

no technical difference

There really is no technical difference between the Myndology and Circa/Rollabind systems. They both do the same thing: discs 1 inch apart that hold paper in a notebook in a similar fashion to a Roladex. The shapes are just different enough that the two aren't interchangeable :-(

See what options are available and decide what's right for you. To me it seems that Myndology is the way to go if you just want to use ruled notebooks.

Rollabind was originally made for scrapbooking and Levenger Circa has many options that are good for a planner system - calendar pages, address book, project planning, etc. The price difference of the punch makes this difference even more dramatic.



Am I missing something? I have Myndology pages inserted in my CircaRolla system and there's no problem holding it all together..... ?

personal preference

I mix and match my circa and myndology stuff... I have a rollabind punch and mix my DIY stuff with the official goodies as well. For me they are completely compatible and I have no problem with mixing.

I think its personal preference and how large the discs are that tend to influence if you can mix-n-match. :D

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maybe I'm picky

Maybe I'm just being too picky. I got started in this stuff when I received a sample Levenger Circa notebook. I later tried Rollabind and Myndology. Putting the Rollabind and Circa pages on Myndology discs (and vice versa) results in the pages staying in just fine, they just felt like they would get stuck when you turned the pages.



I received my circa notebook(s) yesterday: one of the super-cheap starter kits, one of the insanely discounted 2007 agendas, and a 3x5 notebook.


My punch is on backorder, but I can't wait until it gets here. It's pretty clear that this is a system that I might actually be using, still, a year from now. A first!

thanks for all of the input!