VoiceMail 3x5

Here's a handy voice mail card that I keep next to my phone. It's 2 sided yeilding 8 messages.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Voice Mail 3x5.jpg
Usage advice: 

Use for VoiceMail messages. Created with Visio.

Public Domain
Applications required: 
Adobe Acrobat
Voice Mail 3x5.pdf17.37 KB
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Just wanted to say I really like the look of both this and the meeting template. Very polished looking. Visio, eh? Wouldn't have thought to use that. One comment - I didn't actually print out a meeeting card on 3x5, but it looks like alot of really small stuff on one card. Could be hard to actually use w/o a very fine point pen. I'll withhold final judgement until I've actually tried it though!

Thanks for posting them!

I never finish anyth

Small nitpick - the size

Small nitpick - the size field says Classic (5.5x8.5). You might want to change it to 3x5. Although it does look like it would scale up and print on classic paper without too much trouble. Nice template though. I suspect if I tried to use it next to the phone with my family they would go berserk - they already think my use of 3x5s is a little unhealthy.


I just edited the size so its 3x5 now :) Good catch.

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