more changes for me :)

So I am resigning from teh doggy day care and accepting a full time Editorial Graphic Artist job at the local free-magazine! They offered me the position after two afternoons with them. I guess I did something right ;P

My index card with binder ring system worked very well at the doggy daycare. I was able to sneak it out and write on it without the pup's noticing. I did have one lil pup try to gank it out of my pocket but that was easily remedied with a nice rubber ball that just happened to be nearby. (balls are much better than index cards for playing fetch ;P)

I am working both jobs until the end of next week which is going to be a challenge.

The new position is pretty intense but I'm enjoying the deadline. I know that every Tuesday is going to be crazy and I can prepare for it. I'm not sure about all my responsibilities yet - I'm learning as I go. However, I'm sure I will need a good calendar and a circa/rolla junior notebook nearby. I'm even debating on getting some of those small legal pads and circa/rolla-fying it. Has anyone done that yet? I love those little yellow pads of paper lately...

I look forward to coming up with a "system" and sharing it with everyone. But I thought I would give yall a little update since I'm sure *some* of you have noticed my absence as of late <3 Take care and be well fellow diy-addicts.

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Yellow Pads = Circa no-no

Congrats on getting a "better" job so quickly. I'd think the doggie day-care would be cute and fun for a bit, but you shoudl be happier back in your field.

As far as the legal pads go, I don't see them circafying very well. The paper is just not heavy enough for the tabs to hold up. They'll pull right out of the rings unless you are really careful. I don't know if it is even 20#, let alone a reasonable 24-28# paper. If you like the legal pad style, maybe get better paper (Canary is the color, btw, not yellow) and print from templates.

Just my .02 from the office supply industry :)

I never finish anyth

There is heavy-weight legal-sized paper out there,,,

I think you could try that with the Cambridge or Ampad pads of heavier legal-sized paper. However I'm concerned this would be a lot of paper to hold for those rings... Maybe letter-size would be enough?

Glad you've upgraded your job! Good luck, those first few days can be exciting!!

I thought legal pad referred

I thought legal pad referred to the style of the pad, and not necessarily the size of the paper?

Funny. For me they've always

Funny. For me they've always been either "legal pads" or "letter pads" or "junior pads" depending on their size. 'cause lawyers seem to like to write those oversized sheets and pads around... I never checked the label to see what I was buying!

Legal Pads

Most of my customers just call the yellow pads "legal pads", but really want letter sized. They usually specifically ask for "actual" legal size or "little ones" if they want juniors. :-)

I think it's the color people think of as legal, not the size.

I never finish anyth

Good to know! Thanks.

Good to know! Thanks.


Congratulations on your new job. The doggy daycare job sounded like so much fun too (<3 dogs).

As for the legal pads, the paper does look far far too thin to circaify. I use junior legal pads for scrap notes I don't intend to keep (I only have a circa agenda at the moment - I can't justify spending $60 that I don't have on the punch), and it might be an idea to just use them for jotting down notes and copying any you want to keep into somewhere more permanent.

If you really like the idea of a yellow circa pad, you might be able to buy 24-28lb yellow paper and circaify that. That might defeat the point of using a legal pad though depending on why you actually want to use it. For me, I bought the pads because they were cheap ($2.00/5) and I had nothing for just jotting down notes aside from moleskines/index cards.


Way to go, Sara! Congrats on not only getting a great job, but on the opportunity to add to your circa/rolla/planner stash! I look forward to seeing the additions to your collection :-)


Congratulations, Sara. Very exciting. Good work getting such a nice position so quickly. Let us know how it goes!

Hooray, Sara!

Good Luck.

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