5" x 3" ruled cards


I found some vertical ruled index cards at Staples Saturday.

Package says:

Oxford Padded Index Cards
Ruled Tear-Off Pads

100 5"x3"

White Item No. 006351

The cards, regular weight index cards, are glued together like a pad but separate easily for smurfing or clipping or single-hole-punching.
Whatever tickles your fancy.

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A second look shows the

A second look shows the cards are a little thinner than regular index cards. And the nearest FP feathered something awful. Did great with a Roller Ball, though.

I am a notebook junkie.

Glad you posted this...

...as I saw the same thing at Staples and got excited, but couldn't judge the weight/quality of the paper. I'm still using gridded cards for vertical-writing needs.

I carry these in my purse

I carry these in my purse and car at all times.

I saw those and snapped them up

Definitely not at great as Levenger cards but I use them--there's enough space between lines to actually write. And for a block of writing, or a list, to be easy to read once it's written.

I always thought that Levenger's original target market for their cards would have a hard time using such a narrow rule as well.

My writing is suboptimal, more so since I got tendonitis, etc. from too much keyboarding at non-ergo angles for many years. My grip on a pen is not what it used to be, and I'm not even AARP-eligible yet. How can all those flush doctors and lawyers in their golden years write so small? And read it so well? Do they just use the blank cards?

I bought 1000 non-personalized cards a looong time ago, & am still looking for someone who writes teensy so the cards can be with someone who can use them.

Oxford cards curl a bit in the upper right corner from being pulled off the pad, but that's fixable. I use gel ink, extra fine, so feathering isn't an issue.

I invented my own card file boxes (Container Store adaptation) and tabbed dividers--I'm dedicated to using 3x5s in profile view. So my heart went pitty-pat when I saw the Oxford deck. I'm back in business.