24/7 Work/Life Planner

This is two-page per day classic size template based on the 24/7 Work-Life Planner featured in the new time management book: "Attack Your Day" by Mark Woods (and his late Father Trapper). The date is left blank so you can print as many as you want and add the dates to them.

This works well on both seven ring planners and Circa punched junior books also. Your preference.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

I've used these templates for a while now since reading the book and they are great for non-linear folks like myself. I've updated this area on the template since I posted this a few years back when the book was released under another title. It has since been re-released by Mark Woods under the new title at:

Attack Your Day!

The book is available online at all outlets and also in eBook form from Google and Amazon

Public Domain
Applications required: 
Adobe Reader
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Hi - any chance you could develop a version for either A4 or A5 - living in Europe our paper sizes are different and nothing fits and a lot of the planners discussed in this forum don't even exist over here. Thanks!

Printing to A5

You should be able to print classic pages on A5 paper without too much trouble. If you pick page scaling option in Adobe Reader to shrink to the printable area, it should fit okay, perhaps with a little white space on the outside or stretching, but hopefully not too much.

Excellent. Thanks!

Excellent. Thanks!

Add the Day of the week for perfection

I love this planner. The only thing I would like to change is to add the day of the week. I find myself writing in the day of the week in order to keep things straight.

Daytimer doesn't have day of the week either...

It is the oddest thing (that they didn't 'correct' in the 2009 version either), but there is no day of the week printed on the Daytimer 24/7 wire bound planner either.

That is actually one reason that I didn't renew it this year... that and "God-forbid-that-I-use-the-same-planner-for-more-than-six-months!"


"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle

Re: Thanks for the kind comments

Thanks for your comments on this planner. I still use mine after two years. I've found it to be the best way to manage my days and to keep track of things I need to do that specific day. I use electronic tools to capture long range stuff, Google Calendar and GTD Agenda to track projects, but this is my main tool for keeping track of the hours in my day.

I do understand the day of the week dilemma in printing these. Trapper Woods doesn't include it either but just puts the date in there. When I print these at home, I add the days and date also and file them a week in advance in my tickler files to keep track. I was trying to limit the download by just putting two pages up instead of eight. I'll see if I can update the original file when I have time and upload a similar version with days on it.

Thank you!

I love this version of a planner! Thank you for making this available. I've always wanted to integrate my journaling into my planning and this format, I believe, will work amazingly well for this! I look forward to starting it right away! =)

Re: Update

The 2010 Version of this planner from Day-Timer included the day of the week on it but they have since decided to discontinue it. This may be the only place to get the planner pages after 6/30. Thank you DIYPlanner...

I'll try to update the design a bit if time allows and make a larger file with days on it for those who've asked. You'll still have to put dates in though since I don't think anyone here wants a year-long file! :)

Re: Day Timer Discontinuing This

I spoke with Trapper Woods directly and he did confirm for me that Day Timer wasn't renewing this planner in their catalog. He is trying to find an independent printer for this so we'll see what happens but for now, it looks like the only place you'll get these pages after 6/30 is here! Thank goodness for DIY planner.

I'll try to update the design to incorporate days in the print. I just haven't had time to do it yet.


I've updated the information on this planner template since it has been re-released by one of the authors. Trapper Woods passed away a few years ago and his son Mark, has re-released the book and I believe the planner template is to be made available through his site though it's been altered slightly. In any event, information on the book is available on the initial post I made 5 years ago. I just wanted to make this current if you wanted information on its' use. Most of the information on the template was outdated with non-working links.

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