Newbie with a question!

Greetings all! I first discovered the DIY Planner system sometime last year right before NaNoWriMo. I took a terrible swing at it, and almost drove myself insane in the process, mostly due to my own self doubts.

However, this year I'm giving it a better try, because right now is when I need organization and time management more than ever, so, here we go again!

I figured I'd pop on here and say hello! And by the way, any suggestions from fellow writers, artists, and musicians would be excellent!

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Never occurred to me 'til now!

I have used the DIY plans and templates for my work and personal life but forgot about my life as a musician.. .until you mentioned it! What a world crying out for organization. All the charts (I play bass in two bands and several configurations) for all the genres, the notes from rehearsals, contracts, to-do practice lists, songs to learn, cool things I have heard and need to find charts (too lazy to write out from listening!), who has agreed to do which gig, etc. I will get right on this after I graduate December 7th (course work finished!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I am counting the days!)

Thanks for the push! And welcome!

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So, what is the question ?

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