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This template is primarily aimed at those suffering from Bipolar disorder or depression. It is meant to keep track of not only your moods, but also the events and variables surrounding them so that you can target things that trigger your moods so that you may balance them.

I really, really hope this can help some folks out. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, please, let me know. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Also, this is my first template, so go easy on the negative comments, please.

(Please note, the thumbnail does a terrible job of showing what it looks like!)

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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You could probably come up with several systems to use with the template, but what I had in mind with it, was this:

During the day, mark a dot on on the "Mood Tracking" grid, showing where your mood was at during what part of the day. (Hint: There are 24 blocks going across!)

Also, keep track of how many hours of sleep you had the night before, what medications you took, what you ate, how long you exercised, and the weather.

At the end of the day, write a short blurb under daily blurb, describing how you felt throughout the day, or any event that stuck out in your mind. Also, note what your "overall" mood was during the day.

At the end of the week, or month, whichever you prefer, go through your mood logs and try to see if there are any patterns in diet, exercise (or lack-there-of), weather, sleeping habits, etc. that may be contributing to your depressed or manic bouts. See if you can find a common factor in the times you felt "normal" and try to repeat those things.

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I've used mood-tracking stuff before, but I've never had anything planner-sized. This rocks. Thank you!

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You're very welcome! I'm

You're very welcome! I'm really glad to hear someone else is getting some use out of this!

-Manda aka Matdredalia-

may start using this too

I may start using this too with a little modification. It tracks a lot of relevant variables. Recently I've been using a PocketMod I made to track moods and thought triggers, but with more space this tracks more factors. The pocketmod has the advantage of always being in my wallet (where I also always have a pen.)

I may see if I can incorporate some of your factors into a pocketmod format if you don't mind.

Thanks for posting this!

Feel free :) If you do find

Feel free :) If you do find a way to cram it into the PocketMod, let me know. I'd love to see it, as I'm a PocketMod fan myself.

-Manda aka Matdredalia-

pocketmod-ed it


I made a stab at pocket modding it. It may be too tiny to use. Oh, and the grid no longer has 24 squares, so it would need to be free handed.

Now lets see if i can figure out how to upload it.

Are pocket mod templates allowed in the templates area here?


You Saved Me

Your Bipolar page saved my life. LITERALLY. I was diagnosed Bipolar 20 years ago and normally I could tell what my triggers were...but this last fast cycling episode had me and my doctors stumped. I was about ready to GIVE UP, then I came across this page...I downloaded it, printed it and carried it in my "Franklin Planner" and after about 2 weeks...I saw a pattern emerge..and my doctors and I now have something tanglble to work with. During my "Manic" phases I feel "great" so I wouldn't normally tell the whole truth on my Bipolar page so my husband gave me a tiny smiley stickers to put on my grid...that was my hint that was a little too "great" and helped me to really see the pattern. Keep up the good work. You have made a HUGE Difference in my life...and the lives of my loved ones.