Morning all!

I have a planner notebook, 6-ringed, in which I have used Filofax Personal pages. As I am financially tied down, and like the layout of the D*I*Y system, I want to switch. One problem: the A5 size is just about 1/2" too big for my planner.

Is there a way to re-size the pages before I print them?



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Scale to Fit Page in Adobe

You can try this and see how it looks:
- open the file in adobe
- hit print
- click on options for your printer and choose the correct paper size
- click off the box that says "scale to fit paper"

It will be not quite right, and the extent to which it is off will depend on how much the paper size is not proportional to the 5.5x8.5 dimensions.

However, before the full size versions came out I did this to print off 8.5x11 templates and was satisfied with the results, even if there was a bit extra white space around the edges.

Tried this...

..does not work as I do not have the option for re-sizing before printing.

hmmm, an idea just hit me.

Be back shortly

Square 1

I just went to the copier, and placed two copies of same page in the tray, then selected 1-sided to 2-sided, and then reduced - viola! done and did!