Took the plunge!

Hi Fellow Pen, paper and inkers!

After trying some disposable fountain pens....both Pilot Varsity (medium point) and Itoya Blade (Fine point), I bid on a couple of nice fountain pens on eBay. One is a Sensa (fine) and one is a Cross ATX Oceano (don't know what the nib is because it didn't say and I forgot to ask).

I got them both pretty inexpensively. I got the Sensa Meridian for $28 and the Oceano for $35. I should get them in the next few days as they have already shipped. I am hoping that I like them and expect if I do that I will begin a fountain pen collection. :-)

Also, is anyone else shocked and appalled by the price of ink cartridges for computer printers???? I was able to buy a new HP photo printer for less than it cost to purchase black and color cartridges for a Lexmark. The cartridges for the HP are less than the Lexmark ones too!

All of this is leading up to how cool it is to be able to print forms on 3x5 cards!!! This is the first time I have tried it and it took a few times through the process to get to where I could feed it correctly, but now I have several pages of gridded notes I can take to work and punch with the Levenger punch at work.

So how cool is this? the standard notebook/planner issue at my new work is Levenger Circa stuff. They get you what you need in the way of to do lists, dividers, discs etc.

It is true that I am performing better at work than I ever have by being able to organize myself my way and using the wonderful forms from this site!

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy post, but I sincerely hoping that my investment in the fountain pens will not be for naught.


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where do you work?

Getting into fountain pens and Levenger at the same time. Hide your wallet!

So, you say Levenger stuff is standard issue at where you work? Can you say where that is?


Where I work

I am a consultant at a medical device design and manufacturing company in Cincinnati, OH. I work with a lot of great, really smart engineers and marketing people.

Printer cartridges

I think the printer companies take a loss on the printers with the intent on making it up on the cartridges, and of course, making a huge profit the more cartridges you purchase. Some of them also come with 'starter cartridges' with less ink in than a full cartridge or some artificial time limit on their use so the 'buy a new printer instead of a new cartridge every time' doesn't quite work out as well as it might seem. I get the impression that Lexmark is one of the not so good manufacturers for this sort of practise.

If you want good economy on cartridges, and only print in black and white, a laser printer is the way to go. They're more expensive than inkjets, and individual toner cartridges are similar prices to inkjets, or more in many cases. However, toner cartridges will last much much longer, usually several thousand sheets per cartridge, and work out cheaper per page than an inkjet.

must admit

I am very jealous of your work! I wish my new job supplied us with Circa and other fun organizational paraphenalia. Oh well - I'll just have to make everyone jealous with my personal collection, right? ;P

I'd love to hear how those fountain pens work out for you. I have a few of the varsity disposables now and I'm thinking of what to add to my "wish list" for this coming holiday season. :)

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Sensa fountain pen

WOW. Who knew. Well I guess you all knew what a beautiful thing it is to write with a good fountain pen. I got the Sensa today and it is nice and heavy (feels substantial). This is a little like wine tasting. Not sure how the other one will "taste" by comparison.....but this one is really smooth. I am looking forward to trying the converter and using some of beautiful rubber stamping ink colors.

Well the downside of having been supplied with ONE letter size Levenger notebook and it has worked so well for me that I had to order some stuff for myself and have now spent a small fortune on personal use. I even asked (begged) my husband for a Bomber letter size folder over cover for my birthday and GOT it!! So this one favor my work did for me has resulted in my being out some $$ but definitely more productive.


Printer ink

I use Cartridge World now after a couple of years trying to refill my own print carts. It was messy and unreliable to DIY. Cart. World is way lower than retail and great service.

Use CW too

I use Cartridge World too. Lucky they have a franchise outlet in my village here and it's just around the corner from my home. Definitely cheaper to get refilled cartridges from them than to keep buying new ones. There are occasions when a new pukka cartridge is needed. Printing off high-quality photographs for display purposes being the only significant one. (But as I don't have a camera that's not a reason for me to buy new.)

Also after talking with the owner of the CW shop I wouldn't now buy any Lexmark printer no matter how cheap the price. The real cost of those printers is in the cartridges, which are more difficult to refill and hold only half what those of other manufacturers can take.