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I've been using a Cross Ion on my keychain for years. As expected for something that you carry everywhere in your pocket for years, it's looking to be in pretty rough shape. I'm starting to look for a replacement. I want something that writes as well, is fairly inexpensive, thinner than the Ion and refillable.

Right now, the best bets look to be the Pico Pen or the Inka Pen

Anyone try any of these or have any other suggestions? I've also thought about wallet pens, but I've just got so used to having a keychain pen.


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Keychain Pen


I just got a PenPod by Zebra that fits on my keychain. You can find it at Jet Pens. I also picked up some of the Pilot Dr. Grip XS pocket pencils. Everything is great, inexpensive and fast delivery. Give them a try!


thanks - PenPods look good

How did I miss this reply up until today? I had been looking at getting the PicoPen which is the same basic idea with the difference being it is metal and the PenPod is plastic. The PenPod is also about 1/4 the price. The discussion about a Walletini replacement also had some good ideas. How much and how fast is JetPen's shipping?


Shipping was very fast.

Shipping was very fast. Ordered on Monday received on Wednesday, no special shipping instructions. I ordered 5 items totalling $15.50 and shipping added an additional $4.95. I'll being getting more pens/pencils from them as well.

Free shipping with a $25 order

...says the banner at the top. has a similar deal for a $20 order.
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How about another Ion?

Why not buy another Cross Ion? I know they're discontinued, but they can be found on eBay for a variety of prices. Now might be the time to get one. I assume at some point those eBay prices will become absurd, if they haven't already. I bought myself several once I knew for sure the Ion was abandoned by Cross (another black mark against them in my book).

My constant fear for the keychain pen is loosing an expensive pen - I have lost 2 Ions - one came back home later - hence the reason I've bought several. Sharpies come in a small keychain version, and I used those for a long while before taking a chance with the relatively expensive Ion - perhaps you could consider that?

cheaper and slightly smaller

I like the Cross Ion - it writes great but it is a bit pricey for something that would be so easy to lose and it pretty much doubles the size of my keychain. I also lost my first one and the rubber grip on this one looks like it has been chewed on by a rabid mongoose. The fact of life is it has just been in my pocket with my keys for around 3 years.

I really don't want a marker or a pencil - I want a pen. I'd like it to be a gel pen since those seem to write well, but I'm not 100% dead set on a gel pen. If it weren't for the possibility of making a huge mess, I'd be up for a pocket fountain pen.

One last thought on this - doesn't Cross have some kind of replacement for the Ion? The Roadster or something like that? I seem to remember a pen that looked a lot like the Ion but with a metal barrel instead of rubber.