Anyone with experience of Time Manager?

I've been routing through the work stationery cupboard looking for cast offs etc that I could bodge and make useful in my planning system; when I came across a huge box (and I mean archive style size) with literally hundreds of packs of "Time Manager" pages in. Apparently they are the product of a bad management decision about 5 years ago!!

Therefore my question is - does/has anyone used these forms and things before ie what do all the symbols mean??

The pages are a little larger than my filofax system, but I have found several sets of dividers that fit too, so as long as I can cope with them overhanging the folder slightly I should be okay.

Thanks in advance

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Time Manager

Hi, Luce,
I went down the Time Manager road in the 80s when it was all the rage for a while and my work-place adopted it. I liked it and it certainly helped to keep me organised. I still have a box of forms, some binders (plastic, I never sprang for the leather ones!) and the User's Guide if you're interested for the cost of postage. I moved on to an A5 filofax after a while - red leather and soooo pretty! - but I still used the TM philsophy which I found worked well. Let me know if you're interested.