Print 2-ups in Linux with lpr-ng, acroread and ifhp

Just started this week trying to get a diyplanner going. So I pulled up the classic-2up in acroread(6) under linux (debian). If I just open the file so that the template is shown in landscape it prints that way but the
printer (HP laser) runs the paper through and print it as if it were portrait. Fine I rotate the pdf and it prints fine, through -Z duplex to lpr but the back pages are printed upside down. I have figured out that it does that since it thinks it is portrait so it is making book turning on the long edge. I have found the -Z duplex=duplexnotumble but our setup does not seem to allow this option.

Just a stab in the dark to see if anyone has a reliable way of printing 2-ups with duplex in linux? I did get it to print in Windows with acroread but that is a real pain. TIA.


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Linux printing

I have had good results with cups. You might give it a go, then you can just select flip on short edge in the gui (web front end, kprinter, etc) or pass the right command line switches (I'll leave looking those up in the Cups Admin or User Guide as homework :). Haven't used lpr-ng in many moons, but with cups, you can use the same ppd file you get for windows, so should support all the same features. Good luck.