I've been lurking around for a while and in the process of reading GTD. I've tried Franklin Covey (and their training), Day Timer and had several Palm PDA's. I stumbled across this site somehow (I forget) and it turned me on to GTD, which seems like a fit for me.

I'm a System Administrator for a university in Southern California.

I'm using DIY templates and Myndology now.

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Hope you enjoy what you find here. Like you I tried many things, some remants that worked well continue to be in my somewhat elastic system. I have found GTD to be a very good tool. Like you I work in a university environment -- my "waiting for" list sometimes gets quite long. At one point here recently I had over twenty projects -- none of which I could move forward because I was waiting for somebody.... THEY need GTD to get them organizaed and focused!

Life is a series of adaptations... don't be afraid to experiment, adjust, adapt. I heard a speaker (from another university) say they employ the case method in their department (Copy And Steal Everything).

The Passionate Pilgrim
-- Excellence through Simplicity


I can totally relate to the eternal "Waiting For" list, especially this semester. Coming from industry to the bizarro university environment takes getting used to.

DayTimer -> FranklinCovey -> Palm PDA -> FranklinCovey -> DayTimer -> D*I*Y/GTD
25 years of professional un-organization.