Rollabind liquadation from MC2 Office

Thought I'd pass this along -- just received this in my email inbox:

Liquidation !
Rollabind Bookbinding Supplies

This is a unique binding system, especially suited for menus or other situations where it is important to be able to easily add or remove any page quickly and without machinery. Because of its unique image, it is often the choice where a new and different look is needed.

We have been dealers for the Rollabind Corporation, but that corporation no longer exists. There seems to be follow up efforts by another dealer so that it appears that the Rollabind bookbinding products remain available. We however, will be liquidating our substantial stock. While supplies last, all Rollabind products, machinery and supplies will be marked down by 50%.

Their web site for those not familiar:

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Looks like the punches

Looks like the punches (aside from the $2000 one) aren't listed. :(

I know they said another dealer is taking over, but does this mean no more Has anybody else heard anything about this?

Where are the sale prices?

I just checked the Rollabind supplies at and I see "their discount" price which is abour 10% off of the "list price" but I don't see any liquidation prices listed. Has anyone else seen these 50% of prices on the web site?

It's happened before

Or maybe it's the same sale, but the special prices are usually only available when you phone them. I ordered a ton of disks from them the last time they were clearing out.

Supplies are limited, as they say, so give them a call.

separate item

I just ordered some of the rolla supplies recently & there's a separate shopping cart item you have to add that is the 50% discount. it might be under "specials" or "clearance" it took a while for me to find it. Also, when you get confirmation of the order via email, the 50% discount isn't applied. so it is kind of confusing. I had to call to make sure. just fyi.


Look out for your MC2 Rollabind orders!!!!

They have very limited supply left (like some rings and an oversized punch machine).

But I do have a fairly amazing customer service story for you guys!

A week ago I went to MC2office.comand ordered a rollabind desk punch starter package. The discounted price was about $60 and that kit included some rings and covers.

HOWEVER they didn't send the desk punch starter kit -- they sent the portable/hand punch starter kit!! (Apparently on purpose!)

When questioned in a followup email their service rep replied:
"Sorry that you are disappointed. It is all we have left."

Huh?! no call first? no email? just send another product?

To his credit he did tell me that I could return it for a refund. But he went on to add in a later email that, "In the dying days of the Rollabind Corp., lots of things changed. We haven’t bothered to change the website .... And after all we did give [you] a 50% discount."


I could comment further, but that story pretty much speaks for itself.

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