How use month view w/ standard clipped DIY?

I'll keep reading the forum but inspite of being edjimicated, I can't figure out how to use and handle a two page month view index card based calendar if I use a gem-clipped DIY planner, without having to unclip my deck to write on the month grid. Most every other card stands alone and the stack wouldn't have to be disassembled to write on it. Thanks !

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Not a silly question

I would suggest sticking with a one-page month card.
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Cover perhaps

Hi Lex,

Do you have a wrap-around paper cover on your DIY planner? If so, could you print/paste the 2 page month view inside the cover.

Flip-over monthly hPDA card

(I actually had to look up the term "gem clip". I hadn't realised that this was another word for the ole' under-appreciated paper clip. ;-) )

I'm not sure if this helps, but I do tend to use one of the monthly "two-part" cards myself. The difference is that it's a horizontal one, with the top three weeks on one side and the other half of the month on the other. Usually, we only need to know the current week. If you need to access last week or next week, and it's not on the current face, just look at the other face. That way, I keep one month on one card, and it still gives me a fair amount of space to write --about three appointments per day.

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Thanks and the conclusion

Thanks for your comments everyone. I decided if I include my calendar/appointments in my card stack it isn't pocketable anymore so for appointments I'm using a pocketable week-view book. I'm using index cards for notes, reference items, projects, lists, etc. held with a 3/4" book ring ( covered with a single fold cover I made from a thin plastic report cover. It opens like a pocket notebook and the ring is in the top left corner of the cards and cover. For my 400 contacts, they're still the PDA. So I'm now carrying 3 things instead of just one PDA. So why am I de-digitalizing ? :-)