Site won't work through my router won't work through my ZyXel corporate router. It goes to home page then no further, and the internet is unusable until I reboot my router and cable modem. If I eliminate the router from the circuit, the site works great. (i.e. cable modem to laptop, all is well. Cable modem to router to laptop, site doesn't work and it bonks my ability to use the web until I power off and back on the router and cable modem. Ideas (other than stomp my router)?

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MAC Memory

Could be that your cable modem remembers the last MAC (ethernet) address plugged into it. The address of your laptop is different from that of your router. If this is the case then you might be able to reset it by switching the modem off for a seriously long period of time (I recall 24+ hours being mentioned) during which time it will "forget" what you had plugged in. You would need to hook everything up in the right order, of course, modem, router, and laptop when you power it all up again. But taking the router out and putting it back in quickly wouldn't give the modem time to forget what you had plugged in earlier. [It's probably a DHCP issue, if you're TCP/IP savvy.]

Otherwise you're looking at a configuration issue and that's pretty specific to your modem/router/laptop setup.

I'm not too sure it has to

I'm not too sure it has to do with the MAC address. If MAC Authentication Problems were to blame, I don't think you would be able to access the internet at all.

Could be a program?

I took a math class over the summer and we had to login into a website called mymathlab. One of the students had the same problem with his modem.....maybe your router issue is similar? Anyway, it was some program causing the trouble and he removed things until the problem ceased.

I work at the IT helpdesk at my univirsity and google and yahoo toolbars are always causing problems.