If your ring binder is overstuffed, and you need to open it up.

I keep a heavy metal mending plate at my desk to use as a paperwieght. It is 8 inches long, 1 1/4 inches wide, and approx 1/8 inch thick. It's has 4 holes in it; presumably you screw it to something to add strength. (DH brought it up from the basement for my use.) I've had it at my desk a year or so as an ususual paperweight.

Today I wanted to open up my FC compact size binder, which holds paper 3.75 x 6.75 (or 4.25 x 6.75). It is very full, and it occurred to me to lay the mending plate on top of the contents on one side of the notebook so the top pages don't pop off the rings when they open. Worked like a charm.

Am passing this idea along to any others who encounter the difficulty of opening looseleaf binders which are very full.

(If I need to add sheets towards the front or back of an overstuffed looseleaf binder, I use two large binder clips to grasp a half-inch or an inch of contents, then open the looseleaf binder, remove the grasped/bound pages, do my work, and then the pages which were grasped with the two binder clips usually glide right back onto the rings, then close the rings.)


P.S. Franklin Covey carried a notebook in the 6.75 by 4.25 size with 1.5 inch rings in the past, called the Chiara, but it's been discontinued. I wish they would bring it back. As of a week or two ago, the largest rings available for that size paper were 1.25 inches.

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What is a mending plate?

This sounds like a good idea, except I haven't the foggiest idea what a mending plate is ... I supposed any heavy object would do?

I am beginning to have this problem. One solution I considered is to compress and cut back, but in fact I do tend to use everything I've got in there. Day Timer sells binders with 1, 1 1/2, and 2 inch ring sizes (they may have discontinued the 2 inch size, but that does seem overkill) - I'll bet other vendors sell 1 1/2 inch rings too. It looks like I might just choose to go to a larger size, myself.

I don't know why I know

I don't know why I know this, but a mending plate is a piece of metal used to reinforce something -- like a rafter or beam -- that is cracking/breaking/broken. You lay the plate lengthwise along the whatever and screw both ends of the metal plate into the whatever into presumably still good wood at some distance from the break. This reinforces the wood and carries the load so the whatever doesn't break all the way or collapse, likely causing other bits to collapse, all the way to disaster.

You can accomplish much the same thing by 'sistering' the whatever: get a second rafter, say, the same length as the first, and lay it right alongside the first, then nail or screw the two together at intervals down their lengths.

(Just reread...nope, no relevance to Planners at all. Sorry.)

But that binder clip hint for making it easy to put back chunks of paper is excellent!

Well, I'm glad...

.... you, for whatever reason, knew. Because now I know what to call those things I've used in the past. ;-) Oh, and what you call it when you use another rafter piece (or, I suppose, whenever you do this--say on wooden garden furniture.) ;-) Thanks.


Saves some embarrassment at the hardward stores, right? ;)

Actually, that reminds me of the best use for a digital camera -- when you need to replace some gizmo, a bit of plumbing or whatever, and you don't know it's name, just snap a picture of it and take the camera to the store.

Much easier to say to the clerk "I need one of *these* instead of trying to describe the gizmo in words while the clerk does his best to stiffle his snickers.