printing trouble

Hello all:

I have a planner that came with pages that were 4.25x6.75. None of the kits come in these sizes, and I cannot get them to print that size. I have tried to reduce the size to those dimensions and print front and back. I have tried to print two to a sheet on letter-size paper. I tried adjusting the paper size on my printer settings. Either way, they always end up being too big or too small. I've spent a lot of time and ink trying to get them right, and maybe I'm just deficient, but I can't get it to work. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

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Tall and skinny

That's the problem with the size you've chosen. I am guessing that the templates you are using don't fit this size too well? If you have a custom page size, try using the Hipster PDA templates instead of the other sizes. They are about as close to this proportion you are going to get. Use your PDF reader, and create a custom page size to the 4.25x6.75 size, and then, choose the fit to page option, making sure that you turn off the "scale down" only option, so that the 3x5 size will zoom up to your custom size, and this should work pretty well. If you can adjust margins, you might even find that you can leave inside margins to fit the rings--which would be more perfect. :-)

Please speak up if you need help with specifics, but then, we would need to know what computer you are using (Mac or Window) and what software (Adobe or Apple Preview), and other relevant details.